Doomsday: Infinite Evolution From Adding Points

Doomsday: Infinite Evolution From Adding Points


In the future blue star, a beam of red light suddenly descends, animals and plants evolve wildly, ten cosmic monsters appear out of thin air, and human beings fall into endless disasters.
Wang Ye came across time, relying on the talent (cheats) that can add points infinitely, he rose from the grassroots in the crisis, and broke the deadlock step by step…
Start a legendary journey of conquering thousands of races, becoming the leader of the human race, and the master of the universe sea.

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Paing Zin
1 month ago

It looks so shit people don’t bother to review lol

27 days ago

It’s Trash. Don’t Bother.

27 days ago

Ohh no way I read this

26 days ago

The words “becoming leader of the human race” in modern world, gives me all the reason to ignore this novel.

There are already many Chinese apocalypse novels out there like that In Apocalypse With A Beautiful Succubus Novel (I forgot the exact name, it’s where soul records comes to Earth and all), in these types of novels, a random Chinese goes out on his quest to subdue all evil humans or we can say non chinese, ofc beautiful women that falls on his knees like biches doesn’t count.

26 days ago

Phew, I am glad to know there are three other people who can appraise this things from synopsis and name just like me, the humanity hasn’t fallen yet.

25 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

You can’t “appraise” novels from their description you just think you can

22 days ago
Reply to  Dingle

Bah! The number of novels I have read(not finished) has crossed thousand but the plot from all of them has so much common that if similar ones are to be removed, not even hundred plots would remain.

So back to the topic, next time you wanna refute someone, come up with evidence, meaning: read this and tell me where I am wrong in details.

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22 days ago
Reply to  Dingle

Welp, here see, NoobGoku gave out the review and it’s content proved me right, what about you?

25 days ago

I read till around 200 after which i could not bear anymore.

Do you need brain-dead to try?

Is MC lustful and horny? Yes, every beautiful girl he meets, he beds

The more monster he kills the more points he gets
Points used to perfect cultivation and martial techniques

He is both esper and genetic warrior

Tier so far is divided into 3 realms
Weak to strong
Tier 1- tier 9
Perfect level warrior 1 to 9
Universe level warrior 1 to 9(current power realm)

Does he has plot armour? Yes heavy

Do i recommend it? Oh hell no

Spoilers below
Basically the plot is

Humanity attacked by cosmic monster
Humanity almost extinct

China rises whenever humanity at risk
China strongest

Suddenly China weakens because the strongest people who kill get teleported as slaves/gladiators/etc whatever by some so called higher level civilisation

MC protects China
MC kill earth traitors

MC finds loophole
MC kills alien and alien ship

Next as the story goes he might become stronger, go to some ANCIENT battlefield and it carries on.

22 days ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

Thank you for your sacrifice brave soldier.

22 days ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

Well done soldier, you are a hero to us. ( Ν‘β›β€―ΝœΚ– ͑❛)

15 days ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

What a brave soul thanks for you sacrifice

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