Dragon Emperor of the Apocalypse: Evolve from Sign-in

In the last days, the zombie virus has swept the world, and human civilization is at stake.
At this moment, the corpse raiser Mo Shi appeared.
With the sign-in system, his goal is to evolve into the Titan Dragon, and even the Dragon Emperor in the last days. .
[Sign in successfully, get the Titan Dragon Gene Enhancer, and unlock the Titan Dragon Claw. 】
【Successfully sign in, get brain cell enhancer, which can enhance your mind. 】
[Sign in successfully, get virus antibodies, you can ignore any virus. 】
[Sign in successfully, get two skewers and a bottle of beer. 】
Mo Shi: Huh? Others are still grabbing a life and death for a bottle of water. I am drinking and drinking here. Isn’t it a bit of a badass?

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