Dragon Herder

Dragon Herder


Any creature on this continent has a chance to transform into a dragon.
Rumor has it that every life has its own dragon gate, after jumping over it, it looks like the sky of the sun and the moon, dazzlingly brilliant.
The same is true for people.
The dragon gate of man lies in the incarnation of the dragon herder.
Look around for those little young spirits who are about to transform into dragons, and train them into the unparalleled dragon king!

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Fallen Tears Bloom Again
2 years ago

Who dares to vote for such a bad story !!!!
Lao Tzu is angry !!!!!!!

2 years ago

Why don’t they translate the pokemon FanFic if it is among the first in the vote

2 years ago

Why don’t they translate the Marvel fanfiction if it is among the first in vote

days of terror
2 years ago

Pls dont comment here that are not related to the novel, any spoiler? Harem or not?

2 years ago

great novel, hope this novel has connection with versatile mage

2 years ago

where is the new chapters

1 year ago

Some mtl are good and readable and some are not why ?…this one is really bad… i thought that maybe author who is writing the story if its done well the mtl will be good and if the author is really bad then the mtl will be very bad…