Emperor Silver Dragon

Emperor Silver Dragon


As far as the eyes can be seen, the multiverse has low eyebrows, where the will is, countless planes bow their heads, and hundreds of millions of creatures praise the name of the Silver Dragon Emperor in unison…
Straightforward version: Reborn in another world, Li Ang becomes a silver dragon, relying on the plug-in to sign in infinitely, and randomly obtain various treasures, so as to conquer countless servants, build an immortal dragon empire, and make the silver dragon emperor famous Ten Thousand Worlds!

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1 year ago

Finally a novel where higher talent = more efficient usage of resources. But the dialogue is so cringe and so much info dump.

Will see if it gets better.

1 year ago

I have not read the novel but it seems interesting, someone a little spoiler

1 year ago

Current chp: 50
ο»ΏMc gets transmigrated into a silver dragon from DnD. Mc is different from other dragon mcs. He actually got parents and his born with innate talents. Mc has a sign in ( did not see that coming ). Not much emphasis on it in the novel though, barely mentioned. Mc is Chaos neutral, so a bit non moral. not kind but not evil. He does what he wants, not an idiot. Closest novel i can think of is titan and dragon king. Mc is extremely op, his mom is a demigod and he lives in a land that ruled by her and his father who is also a demigod. Mc basically got it made. Mc levels up as he gathers subordinates and conquers. Cultivation levels are also posted to get a more general idea. Not my cup of tea but if u r into empire building and an op dragon mc this is ur novel

1 year ago

The story is Too random, it has no heads or tails.

1 year ago

“Mother and father, your well-behaved son greet you” I couldn’t go past that sentence. Damn that’s as cringey asf.