Eternal Martial Emperor

Eternal Martial Emperor


The old Martial Emperor revived into the normal world. He practiced by himself, made new friends and tried his best to protect his beloved girl… till regaining his former powers to overthrow the heaven!

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Azure Emperor LuDST1
3 years ago

another New Novel that will make you excited <3

Rion Steiner
3 years ago

Story about Lin Yun a Martial Emperor in higher realm(I think), and betrayed by his lover or trusted companion and killed then part of his soul traveled to Mortal Realm and fuse in the body of waste boy named Lin Yun.

He use his previous knowledge to cultivate and overcome almost all of his opponent.
He is silent tyle and make action when needed, smart and cunning. He ignore some of the woman who make advances to him and he have a solid goal that he follows.

World Building:

In my time reading this novel there’s 3 realm, Divine Realm which he previously Martial Emperor, Mortal Realm and Demon Realm.

Mortal Realm world building have Many different Kingdome and Empire. The Divine or Higher realm is not secret to Mortal Realm and is the goal of many practitioner there.

3 years ago

Dropped. MC is a boring character on a boring journey. No need to actively cultivate cuz he absorbs from those he kills so all he does is search for fragments of his past soul. Furthermore, there are multiple arcs,(with battles where I don’t really care for any of the characters) thatswwm to only happen so the MC can conveniently show up at the last moment with new strength (that he missed most of the battle to awaken). Its repetitive, uninspired and lazy dreck.

3 years ago

Awesome novel. he is like lique from emperor domination my favorite kind of MCs

3 years ago

really good Novel Emperor domination 2.0

2 years ago


2 years ago

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2 years ago

earlier i liked this novel but not now, every hundred chapters things are shitty repeating:
1. MC is always against the whole world fights wherever he goes.
2. MC gets cool bloodlines and awakening takes places every time during important battles and the powerhouse protecting him dies and trusts their daughters to him.
things are pretty shitty now and cultivation is very slow, instead of butchering everyone and raise cultivation he just shits around, and get on with baggage girls who are baggage to him as he needs to protect them and every time they get kidnapped by enemy.
3. concepts are cool but author fails to bring out its potential, still readable if ya getting bored.
4. MC cultivation increases by killing monsters and enemies so in my opinion he should kill monsters in jungle and raise his cultivation but he doesn’t and cares for mortals, since he is rebirth emperor he should just go on a journey alone but he is sitting and shitting with baggage.
5. Martial king so far and no flying ability yet, which is quite boooring.

1 year ago

Nice naruto references.