Eternal of the Wizard World

Eternal of the Wizard World


Traveling to the wizarding world, Eli found that he was an Eternal.
Life is infinite, life is immortal.
“What? The talent is very poor, then I will meditate for ten years, a hundred thousand years, and always meet the promotion requirements.”
“This skill is hard? Oh, let me study it for decades to see if it’s really that hard?”
“Consuming life force, improving mental force, and this kind of good thing.”
“The enemy is here? Oh, let me find a place to hide for a thousand years, until his lifespan is exhausted and his mental power dissipates, and then I will come out again, free and endless void.”

This is the story of an immortal who lives in the wizarding world and then kills the endless world.

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11 days ago

I seemed to have seen it before, but dropped because mc felt dumb and was really too slow at doing things, he seemed to have the worst talent in the universe.

Tell me if I am wrong.

11 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

this novel has indeed been reuploaded under a similar name about 3-5 weeks ago

9 days ago
Reply to  Spade

No wonder.