Get Lost & 滚开

Eternal Sword God

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Transmigrating to the world of Immortal Cultivation with a stat point distribution system, ascending to a supreme overlord! Welcome to my world... This novel was written by Get Lost before Way of the Devil and after Mystical Journey. It has Get Lost's usual style: game attribute system, tension between various factions and sects, multiple cultivation systems, multiple cultivation and multiple worlds! The story begins with the protagonist having a loyal fiancee as well!

July 24, 2018The ninth ninety-ninth chapter is extinct (final chapter)
July 24, 2018The ninth ninety-eighth chapter trace two
July 24, 2018The ninth and ninety-seventh chapter trace one
July 24, 2018Chapter 906
July 24, 2018Ninth and ninety-five chapters causal three
July 24, 2018Chapter 904, Cause and Effect II
July 24, 2018Chapter 九章章因因一
July 24, 2018The ninth and ninety-two chapters behind the scenes
July 24, 2018The ninth ninety-one chapter behind the scenes
July 24, 2018The ninth and ninety-ninth chapters drive straight into the four
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Rated 3.50 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings
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  1. D S

    I rate this good cuz it made me stuck around to the end and that’s great for me plus I do like the idea behind the whole thing

  2. Kuro


  3. Enryu022

    The villains in this novel are so annoying, they easily escape all the time. Like when u think they are going to die, then pull some bs technique to retreat so easily, reminds me Inuyasha villains

  4. anshul123ful1

    Cultivation is way to slow. He has money, and system, And yet he dont cultivate movement skills, defense skills, multiple sword skills, but keep roaming outside. Shehhhhhhh waste.