Fiendgod Supreme

Fiendgod Supreme


In the past, he was a huge shock to the heavens and the world. After his rebirth, he was plotted against him.

He was cruelly cursed and hated by the ninth generation. Ye Xuan was determined and vowed to take revenge!

For the sake of loved ones and relatives, Ye Xuanshen blocked the killing gods, Buddha blocked the killing Buddhas, stepped on the enemy’s corpse step by step, and rose strong, killing the sky against the sky, shocking all worlds, only my gods and demons are supreme!

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7 days ago

Mc kills and kills and kills. Wery arogant hypocryte Mc. He stupid as fuck . And only kill all peple around . Others charakter have low Iq and provoke atack Mc …

6 days ago

Super cringey, the name the description the story even fanfics r not thar cringy anymore