Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts

Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts


The loose immortal who should have died in the Ten Thousand Immortal Array crossed into the world of martial arts at the last moment. Cannon fodder who can’t get on the Conferred God Ranking, is at ease in this world.
Plant two apricot kernels, and create a blessed earth. There is a stone road in front of the mountain, step by step to become immortal.
The world burns incense and worships, and the monk asks for the gift of the Dharma.

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6 months ago

Quiet hard to say i like it or not story is kinda confusing so basically mc get transmigrate from immortal world to marital art world with his mountain (he was weak a*s in his world ) so he cultivate his mountain to become strong grant PPL wish (this is most confusing part how could he grant wish with just some apricot leaf) you guys can give it try and tell me about it
Iwill not rate it now

6 months ago

Pure bs novel, no logic at all. I don’t understand why did they even made an mtl of it.

6 months ago

So basically a shrimp level character in full level map got transport to novice village, thus can easily bully weak ass newbie players

6 months ago

This novel is written like folk tales and mythology but from pov of a immortal our Mc is a true immortal from a very high lvl world but he was a very weak and poor immortal but a weak and poor elephant is still more powerful than a single ant. This reads like myths and folktales from Asia north africa and eastern europe like a old men sees a weak hungry men sitting in shade of tree but that men turns out immortal (or a God,angel, sorcerer or saint) and grants him a wish for his kind heart. Also Mc actually seeks fate and karma its not just usual scams other cn mc use he can feel fate and karma of people and acts accordingly he is also cautious and mostly humble. Good Mc and something different from your usual young master murder hobo Mc who screams china numba wan every second