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Flower Master in the City

Rated 3.23 out of 5 based on 13 customer ratings13 Ratings

This is a story about a legend that can never be forgotten. Summer first time down from the mountains in 16 years. brought up by his 3 masters and Fairy sister. Rules? The rules are the tool that the strong make, I follow my own rules. Why not use your brain instead of violence? Will, you ever use your brain to get back at an ant that bites you? No, you will kill it directly. First class beauty? Only you deserve to be my wife any woman beneath this level is not worthy. My enemy is sick? don’t worry even if you’re on your last breath and I feel it’s beneath me to slap shot you dead I’ll heal you then beat you! “I am Summer in spring, summer, autumn, and winter I’m the world’s first day” follow Summer Day as he steps by step becomes known as the world’s first master. The world’s first doctor, the world’s richest man…… a lot of other best in the world, but most importantly, The worlds happiest man.

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Rated 3.23 out of 5 based on 13 customer ratings13 Ratings
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  1. Bushin

    trash T R A S H

  2. Dietmilk33

    My braincells!

  3. lehur7

    Don’t take this seriously moron, it’s one of first probably 2009/10 ago WN, if you dislike don’t ruin rating, go away.

  4. gb


  5. YandiSpoy


  6. YandiSpoy


  7. YandiSpoy

    up the stars

  8. icefield

    What the crap man

  9. zian24

    It is a early novels and so many will not like it for various reason but personally i love these novel and seriously those who are shouting trash, dumb, don’t take them seriously. Read before you judge it. Don’t judge or rate it bad by seeing someone wrote dumb or trash please. everyone have their own opinion but just review it correctly. point out the good and the bad side of the novel which will make easier for new readers to judge wither they are going to read or not. Personally i believe read yourself and decide.

  10. zian24

    I am not very good at writing reviews but i loved this novel and i kindly ask my fellow readers to pint out the good and bad pints of these novel in the review. It will help other readers.

  11. Omega Nasir lLord

    Good Novel although so crap here it is not bad to read this and somethings in story makes me feel a little weird but all okay..

  12. Rookie

    The most generic of the generic urban harem. It may be good at 2009 but if you ever read any urban harem with shameless protagonist, it will just a trashy generic urban harem novel.

  13. Rookie

    *it will be just a trashy generic urban harem with shameless protagonist.

    My Wife is a Beautiful CEO is enough. We don’t more of this braincell-killing novel.

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