Free and Unfettered Young Scholar

Free and Unfettered Young Scholar


A male engineer in the 21st century, traveled through ancient times and became a poor scholar.
There is actually a library in the brain, with all kinds of knowledge!
In this life, if you don’t talk about being a marquis and worshiping a prime minister, you should be a high-ranking official for fun, right?
Facing the rising sun, Li Yi made a great wish and bravely took his first step in this world.
On the tall horse, a stunning woman dressed in strong clothes, looked at her carefully, and waved her plain hand lightly: “Tied!”
The vicious bandits behind him surged up…
On the wedding night of the bridal chamber, looking at the stunning woman who pushed the door in… Li Yi’s ambition has undergone a small change.
What is a first-class official residence?
It’s boring to seal the Marquis and pay homage to the Prime Minister!
I’m the man who wants to be the Bandit King——!

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1 month ago

Err, as much I would love to read it, this is a kingdom-building/developing novel with modern world knowledge in it.

So, this is not my cup of tea. But if the novel is good, you guys please reply or write a new review. I can put aside my taste for a good novel.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

I read this a long time ago prob around 2019, was waiting for it to complete & forgot about it.
But if you like Zhui Xu – θ΄…ε©Ώ
Its a similar concept to it, you prob like this novel.

30 days ago
Reply to  steve3099

Which novel is that?

30 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

Similar situation, Bandit King doesn’t sound half bad but the beautiful female bandit king kidnapping him out of nowhere (probably because he is handsome) in the description puts me off.

Although I can tell a lot of things would be different in the plot, like she would have a more assuring reason to get him except for his overly handsome face but the description shows author’s long term intentions so it is still vexing.

1 month ago

After days of waiting, this kind of shit is posted. Looks like owner has no time to waste on the site. Time to delete the bookmark.

1 month ago
Reply to  anshul123ful1

Did you even read the Title & Description.
Although Description a little misleading, but it does describe some of story.

You prob just don’t like historical novels, then just don’t read it.

& you should just be grateful that the owner of site even post novels.
Stop complaining, go to the raws sites to read, if you don’t like reading here.

30 days ago
Reply to  william

Well, I truly hope the description is misleading man, it’s annoying to see a man led by woman since the start. If the woman has leading qualities, then I don’t mind but in these novel, mostly male leads, women mostly serve as dead weight with tendency to attract disasters and occupy a large part of plot meaninglessly.

I am mostly sure this is the reason why Anshul is so frustrated. I was also waiting for new novels on but for the last few weeks, the upload novels were so full of horniness and cliche, that they could only entertain 15- readers who still worship beyond the logic harem filled with pure virgins.

26 days ago

its good for me 😁

22 days ago

So, the title must be a ironic type, right?

Free and Unfettered, but he is stuck / bound by a place and a girl.

22 days ago
Reply to  reflub

I think this is exactly what he calls free and unfettered, we call it boring and nonsensical around here.

21 days ago
Reply to  Kennny


How far are you? Does the MC got led by the girl all the time? Will he ever get independent/be the leading one?

15 days ago
Reply to  reflub

I dropped it after he started to completely ignore his golden finger that allows him to record and comprehend books instantly by just touching them. Instead of asking his wife for her martial arts book, he teaches kids the story of Journey To The West everyday and cook food.

He literally do nothing even though there is a library filled with books inside his mind. I mean, if I was in his situation then even if I didn’t have any golden finger, I would use common sense and make use of free manpower to craft pulleys, rough paper, cross bows, glass bottles, sewage system, wooden dams, catapult, better house designs, teach them burn and ash agricultural tactic, organic farming, and all.

Because these are very easy to craft at low level when u got a lot of manpower, this might just be common sense for us but to people of that era, it’s simply magic.

Last edited 2 days ago by Kennny
22 days ago

Boring af, mc has a cheat through which he can comprehend all the content of a book by touching but this idiot almost never used it.

He could have asked for martial arts cheat from his wife and all, comprehend them in one go but he is just wasting time here and there.

I don’t have much hope for the plot either, I was waiting for a descent review here for quite some time now, but I guess there won’t be one.

20 days ago

I finished last week, it’s a good novel to pass the time for those who like the historical genre, the cheat not being used for martial arts was a shame but the proposal is exactly that, other works of historical romance are full of intrigue, court fights, disagreements with the emperor etc (which isn’t annoying when used sometimes similar to a xianxia when the heroine is kidnapped, but when the plot is just that you feel like giving up).

plus: MC creates several theaters to control public opinion.


19 days ago

Minus : The MC is shackled to be government dog.

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t like this type of MC, feel free to skip this one.

Otherwise, it’s a good Kingdom Building novel (but instead of Knight type, it’s ancient China type).

Oh, also the world/universe he is in is very mundane, a very low level wuxia world.

15 days ago
Reply to  reflub

I have long skipped it, even now, I don’t understand why these idiots are willing to be a part of ancient chinese government when it was nothing but corruption.

Moreover, if you use your knowledge to help people and gain fame, the Emperor will kill you himself for fear of rebellion.

But we all know, these mc will keep relying on luck to someday become the Emperor themselves.