From Adding Points To The Strongest On The Surface

From Adding Points To The Strongest On The Surface


Fan Wu, who traveled to the mysterious world, got an attribute plus a cheat! As long as you kill demons and ghosts, you can get points, which can be used to bless your own attributes!
Since then, in the mysterious world, there has been a muscular Taoist priest with a strange style of painting.
Facing the trembling monsters and ghosts, Fan Wu showed a ferocious smile.
“Your purity is too low!!”
“System, add points!!”

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2 months ago

A readable novel where MC use wisely his cheat even if people around him don’t seem to have any personality because they are just here to be amaze by the MC every time he fight. This novel is just like a beat them up don’t expect too much about the story.
2,5/5 because the novel is too generic to give a veteran some kind of suprise by reading it.

1 month ago

This novel in simple words is


He kills , he gets points, he adds them

There is only 3 attributes
Life and power and skills

Power means everything like strength stamina agility.

Life no use till now

Skills are like buffs

It is like serial face slaps, the demon comes, cultivator comes, they taunt, he kills, everyone admires, move on.

His life origin is mystery.
His master is a mystery.

There are 4 realms but they useless Because MC is not a cultivator.

He like those Gym Guys.
Muscle is truth.


Watch for comedy and face slaps.

1 month ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

system and plot is too lame

1 month ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

what do you expect from yujiro cover 🀣