From Azkaban to Hogwarts

From Azkaban to Hogwarts


There are five of the four Houses of Hogwarts, which is common sense.

So it’s no surprise to be in Azkaban at the start, right?


When William opened his eyes, he found himself in Azkaban.

Soon after a fellow inmate named Mundungus was released from prison,

Strange things happened,

A unique job fair is suddenly held.

“What, Hogwarts recruits professors?”

“Come to Azkaban?”

“Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts?”

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4 months ago

I have read it’s raw it insanely slow pace. Here mc possessed body of a smuggler guy who lost his life in Akzaban after being caught.Mc doesn’t gain full memory from original owner’s body so he doesn’t know much spell or any magical knowledge but could teach at Hogwarts and still be a good teacher I don’t know how. Mc’s learning ability is poor but he still could finish study of Hogwarts from 1st year to 7th year course in two months with any help.And also original owner wasn’t a student of Hogwarts in his childhood but home schooled so even original owner of mc’s body doesn’t knew much magic to begin with. He has a cheat which is a system that can draw a ability or a spell in the form of a card from a person whomever mc impress. But he doesn’t use it so I still don’t know the abilities or spells he gain are permanent or temporary. Here mc has a college who doesn’t appear in movie is drinking partner of mc. Mc also doesn’t know much about Harry Potter world.

4 months ago

To describe it, it would be slow. He begins to teach at Hogwarts during the plot of the chamber of secrets I have read up to chapter 110 and the plot has not yet started, chapters day by day how he teaches, how he punishes talks between classmates but nothing exciting