Global Demon Transformation

In modern cities, aura is revived, and human beings are no longer the masters of civilization.
At that time, the sky couldn’t see the sun, it was covered by birds, and the ground was stained red with blood. Human beings became food for bereaved dogs, a real hell on earth. It wasn’t until the day when a warrior with an open mind merged the demon spirit after the death of the demon beast into his dantian, human beings could avoid the fate of being annihilated.
Refining demon spirits, possessing the ability of demon beasts to fly into the sky and escape from the ground, a young man who originally died, because a demon beast has returned to sixteen years old.
That day happened to be the annual demon spirit awakening day.
That day, he refined an evil spirit…
Evil spirits, an unknown existence of evil!
P.S : This novel has Tales of Demons and Gods but ITS MUCH MUCH BETTER! Very recommended!

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