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God Level Cultivation System

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September 21, 2019GLCS Chapter 3151
September 21, 2019GLCS Chapter 3150
September 18, 2019GLCS Chapter 3149
September 18, 2019GLCS Chapter 3148
September 14, 2019GLCS Chapter 3147
September 14, 2019GLCS Chapter 3146
September 12, 2019GLCS Chapter 3145
September 12, 2019GLCS Chapter 3144
September 11, 2019GLCS Chapter 3143
September 8, 2019GLCS Chapter 3142
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Rated 3.50 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings
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  1. Garlic Noodle

    There is no Intro so just take this as a heads up to the Novel (NOT a review as well)
    So this Guy who is main character Qin Qi(New body name) was playing a game called Primal Chaos of Beginning Era and after he fought the final boss he was transmigrated to a continent named Tian Yuan Continent in the body of an Idiotic Young master(yep he was mentally challenged type of Idiot) of Qin Family who was pushed to his death by second generation rich young masters into a Ice Pond dawning him till he was…half dead , saved(not really since the original guy died) by a girl who is also from that family.
    Everyone trains Soul Power to cultivate themselves and go against the heaven an shit you know it.
    MC got his Cheat the Obvious “System” which can give him super shit and help him make his way to the top.
    he can choose N number of Professions like Alchemist, Blacksmith bla bla guess what he chose first………..Cooking
    yep Cooking and to top it off he got his first task “clean the chicken poop from the chicken farm”
    any more would be a spoiler ,,,,,,Enjoy!

  2. chanrithvisal

    i don’t what but this novel is good for me

  3. shikumo

    I just read this novel a little. From here I understand MC’s personality which is very arrogant, loser, perverted mind, talk nonsense, long-winded, delay killing enemies, annoying speaking style, teasing women but degrading especially from the way he speaks female names, pretentiously close to women , not firm, not cruel and so on. I always wonder, why in every cultivation novel, the MC always talks a lot, delays the enemy, pervert and arrogant? rarely find an MC with a good and cruel personality to the enemy.

    the only good thing about this novel is the existence of a system.

    #sorry my bad English speak, because i use g translator.

  4. Kenneth

    I hate that the mc got a thousand girls, and the whole story he is getting them shit. Like I want to read how your 9th chick got help but you stil weak af. And this wouldn’t be that bad if the story would go quicker. like chapter 1 – 600/700 is one year of time in the novel. And then the worst part is how he has no one in his family that he holds contact with, I get that he didn’t have contact with his dad but after al there must be more than just his little maid. and then the problems he gets himself into for no reason. And if he doesn’t get in trouble then there wil be someone who takes a girl close to him.

    Conclusion : I kept reading mostly because the level system but that is the only thing I like about the novel there where so many moments that I lost my mind trying to figure out why the writer made it like this

    Sorry for bad english it’s my second language.

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