God of Fishing

God of Fishing


The planet is covered by the ocean.
Humans hang in the air, and every time the juvenile ceremony, all the children will be tested for fishing. Those with good spiritual roots may become great fishermen.
In endless seas.
Every kind of life is given a sacred mission. the flying fish, the heavenly lobster, the tortoise that has inhaled the essence of the heaven and earth, the whale that swallows the heaven and earth … and countless fishermen.
Fishing is a technique.
There is an old saying here, you are either fishing or are on your way to fishing.

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2 years ago

a world of endless seas, all the land has been submerged under the ocean … humans now thrive in floating islands, fishing is not just for survival but also cultivation. The ocean is home to a vast amount of resources, and fishermen run to the sea risking their lives.
the world seems simple at a glance. But is it truly just as its facade? The conspiracy looms over the world.

The author has taken some inspirations from DD1, OP, etc … Romance is well done so far.
The is a unique take on cultivation novel with humour sprinkled all over.

2 years ago
Reply to  bigbrohasdrugs

There are many chapters with missing part

2 years ago

boring to read

2 years ago
Reply to  jeplox2344

Tooooo Booorrriiinnnggg….
I just read around 250 chapters but it felt like I had read 2500 chapters…
MC’s friend is an inborn genius with highest grade spiritual roots that’s why he is always way ahead our mc but instead of trying to surpass him our mc shares all his good things with him like high grade martial arts and cultivation techniques that are already lost in time… And the most frustrating part is the fact that when mc’s friend use those martial arts and cultivation techniques he gets several times more benefits that mc himself

Can’t our stupid mc see that his friend already have too many resources and the one who lacks them most is he himself

Cookie Monster
2 years ago
Reply to  Kennny

Sigh hate those type of novels, thats why PMG is the reigning champion of the God of Trash novels list ever.
Actually the list was invented just for that novel.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cookie Monster

What are you referencing? Can’t get it.

1 year ago
Reply to  rafael.peak

Peerless Martial God

2 years ago
Reply to  Kennny

i read till 300 and i cant endure anymore, mc really retarded he give too much to his friends not only that they seems very ungrateful to him, they keep bullying him especially that girl with mental illness wtf i really want mc to smack her to death but author keep doing that running boring gags

the author also stupid leaving so many plot holes regarding his secret, other new characters seeing his rapid progress and they start saying “secret secret secret shit” they curious with mc secret but they also have their own shitty secret, can you stop repeating this please author?

i like the part where he is just traveling alone, dont care whether he have secret or not and building his strength in his village, it goes downhill when he join that cringy academy

2 years ago

This is a pure adventure cultivation novel.
The world is definitely not as simple as it seems.
Beyond the training fisheries under the control of towns and cities lies a vast uncharted grounds – the endless seas.
Most of which remains obscure
this novel is a box of secrets … there are secrets and mysteries waiting to be uncovered . What happened 30 years ago, what happened in the distant past and how that affects the present and directs the future.
The humor is well done, especially mc and his antics …
One of the best FML in a chinese novel so far, she is lively cute independent and dangerous.
she may prolly be the only female lead who likes to attack mc for no reason at all … (mc is a body refiner and his defence is op, the fml likes to puncture mc with her dagger) But can only pierce like an inch due to his op defence , she never gives up even after they become couple … when mc asks why – she says because she likes how the dagger stabs the flesh.

Bothe the MC and FML like fighting and robbing.

I truly enjoyed this novel while working on its glossaries.

P.S – some proper nouns(mostly demon beasts) may seem weird but thats the case with this author he has the naming sense of monkey d luffy. Author also apologises in the author notes for his poor naming taste.

2 years ago
Reply to  bigbrohasdrugs

The FML is the girl from the village or the one in the 4rth academy?

2 years ago
Reply to  naroneach

Do you think that the girl in the village can puncture his flest

2 years ago

the chapters have missing parts, and the raw are only up to chapter 50, thanks for the novels, and excuse me for the grammar

2 years ago

Excuse me the comment was for before, but now there are raw

Yun ma
2 years ago

boring .. and especially for those who don’t like fishing .

Forsaken God
2 years ago

Usually i like harem… If there is ni harem.. Then something like the legendary mechanic…
This novel world setting is nice… Characters are okay… Mc is doing fine..
About fmc.. I dont think there is any need of female character…
This novel can be a humor story.. With lots of sode flirting…
But seeing their relationship i feel kinda boring…

2 years ago

*there are more
Credits:- Al113355
Join Discord for more.

2 years ago

Many, if not all of them, are missing the start and end of the chapters. it’s really annoying. please fix it!

2 years ago

All the ends of the chapters are now fixed. it got a new raw source so you can start reading again.

2 years ago

Well the chapters 300+ has some issues.

2 years ago

It’s really a fantastic ln that has the potential to rival anime like hxh the world build is solid the charcter is well developed i stopped at ch 600 cause many thing i can’t imagine it well in my mind with mtl and many idea need to be painted to facilitate imagining it and reallly master piece that hard to find and new world like doulou world and bth world but more developed more creativeness