Great Desolate Star Path

Great Desolate Star Path


when he was born the Heavens and Earth changed color, the DAO laws roared, golden flowers fell. Feng Zichen had transmigrated to the Great Desolate World. There were 8 realms until his birth. No-one in Great Desolate World would have imagined that with his birth the 9th realm would come to exist. Feng Zichen had set a new low to the world of Great Desolate…

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2 years ago

The more overbearing a series description is, the trashier the series is going to be.

2 years ago
Reply to  aptop6

that’s a nice mindset

2 years ago
Reply to  aptop6

not true.

2 years ago

So can anyone tell me how is it?

2 years ago

A rather enjoyable novel, though the translation and terming is not as good as many other novels here. The main character is the first acquired (i.e. Houtian/postnatal) lifeform born in the Great Desolate (the Chinese mythological world created by Pangu and inhabited by people like the Three Purities, Hongjun, etc.) and is therefore the weakest lifeform to every be created at the time of his birth. He has great luck as the first acquired race, and combined with his future knowledge of the mythology, he grows stronger.

There is no arrogant young masters or other super generic cultivation trope, and the world develops outside of the MC, though obviously he is heavily involved in what happens. I like that, while it follows the general trend of the mythology, the MC does use his power when he can to change things in his favor and properly takes advantage of the situation. If you are unfamiliar with the Chinese mythology discussed here, it might be hard to understand what’s happening give the translation quality, but if you are familiar, it is quite good. For those who have read The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe, the world building in this novel is definitely superior so if you enjoyed that novel you will likely enjoy this one as much if not more.

The one problem is that this is an ongoing novel, so I hope the new chapters get updated here soon.