The world’s top level hacker, Shi Lei; due to him hacking the world’s top military powers during a joint exercise and attempting to steal information from them, ultimately leads him to get sold out by his own organization. This act eventually caused his own death by a missile bombardment.

God was playing a joke on him and allowed him to return back to six years ago, the autumn season of when he was still at his university. Being given another chance, plus the fact that he retained his ability as one of the best in hacking technology, Shi Lei decided to change his life! During his previous life, he was only an assassin in the dark. Although such an existence made people afraid of him, he would have to always hide within the shadows. In his new life, not only does he want to be an assassin in the dark, he also wants to stand openly in the middle of the world stage. Creating a world-class super enterprise, he will single handy change the whole world!

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Zen Zen
3 years ago

finally what you’ve been waiting for

Sezer szzr
3 years ago

this time you -comrade mao have translated a great novel. more black science adn technology pls!!!
I had previously translated with google but I couldn’t read it because bad translation

Zi Xie
3 years ago

Thanks 😊

3 years ago

I love it. very nice story.. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

3 years ago

where chapter first ?

2 years ago

a useless novel
well not totally but I want to just tell the readers that the author took 1800 chapters to get to the 2nd level of techs and just 10 more to 11th level
also, his superpower comes into effect at the very end
I was also surprised by the fact that a very otherworldly power can be countered by a human just altering his genes…