Heavenly Monarch of All Times

Rated 3.25 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings

The heavenly God of Warriors was betrayed by his true love and murdered at the very first night of wedding just because his merits made the monarch insecure. Reborn in a hundred years, Nie Tian would be an appendage no more. Reach the welkin, reverse the fate, reign over the heaven and reconstruct the worlds. …

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Rated 3.25 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings
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  1. Raji Reddy


  2. GnomeStyle

    Sigh… this novel was amazing at the start, unfortunatly the author learned the dao of milking.

    The novel was really interesting when it first started, the powers were very well done, the characters were also interesting and complex, and some even lost their reasoning because of the MC. We had characters during the arc change and even though it was minimal it was still interesting and engaging to see how it would affect their decisions. A lot of events were unpredictable. Later on in the story the author sadly just found the spam button for arrogant young masters and thought it would be a good idea and that is how this novel is so fucking long. At first I was reading the chapters and it was enjoyable, later on during the ~500+ chapters I just started skipping a lot of chapters because it was not enjoyable to read an arrogant young master being destroyed then the mc need to fight his guardian and then his fucking ancestor.

    Despite this novel did have some amazing moments, but later on things just become predictable and forced. We have just gotten to a new world, what does the author do? He copy pastes 3 things that happened previously in the same arc. Like why the fuck would the reader enjoy having the mc fight and assassin organisation for the 4th time? The first time it was well done and relevant, but later on? It just happens for no reason other than milking chapters. They have no relevance to the plot but just show up.

    The only enjoyable part later on is still that the MC can be epic as hell, but other than that, he doesn’t actually change from the start until the end. He is still the same old ”I don’t give a fuck” person and does what ever he wants. But other than that there isn’t much enjoyable about the novel later on, a lot of things are not as predictable as I might have said before, but the endless spam of idiots that the mc has to deal with just completely ruined the novel. There are soooo many chapters where we have ”take muh one hit and I let you go”, then obviously it is not just one hit and MC will get saved. Then we also have the >Fight little bro >Fight the big bro >Fight the father >Fight the ancestor bullshit that drags on the conflict for an absurd amount of chapters with little to no progress. Like for fucksake the mc is just passing through a gate to an academy, do we really need a 10 chapter conflict? NO.

  3. Enzyme

    Too many fcking secret

  4. Enzyme

    It was good from the start but this novel has too many secret that can’t explain only and mc is fcking too stupid he was use many times by the same enemies , do this and that

    Or i think the author run out of plot