I Actually Recognize the Ancient Scripts

I Actually Recognize the Ancient Scripts


The male protagonist Zhong Wen was picked up by a little loli and brought back to the floating flower palace with only female disciples;

The world’s top exercises, spiritual skills, and knowledge all come from ancient times;

Therefore, the study of incomprehensible ancient characters has become the trend of the times and a symbol of status;

By chance, I opened a book written in ancient scriptures;

He was surprised to find that the so-called divine script was actually Chinese characters, and it naturally merged to open up life without enemies!

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2 months ago

It is poison, women every step. Hero saving beauty.

2 months ago
Reply to  Avadin

I thought the thumbnail/novel profile Peak was already screaming that…

2 months ago

Ancient text turned out to be chinese… Ha Ha… Their own first plagiarised martial arts and meditation chants were wrote in sanskrit and they are talking about chinese being mysterious… Smh

As for why plagiarism? Shaolin was created by an Indian monk Bodhidharma who went down to help them but never returned…

Man wanted to teach them peace but biches changed names and turned it into killing weapons.

My disappointment knows no bounds.

Paing Zin
2 months ago
Reply to  Kennny

Lol…true. They want to talk about how amazing chinese martial arts but they talk trash about Buddhism and Shaolin who created martial arts for them.

2 months ago
Reply to  Paing Zin

Welcome to the Chinese novel logic. Even if they describe a world where there only them at the top, this world is generally extremely corrupted with stupid king, dumb person who live to humiliate others, martials artists that are all of kind of psychopaths that kill just because of one word, betrayer all around the world and after all of this they created some kind of imaginary enemy that creates this situation by forgotten that what happen in this world are their own responsability because Chinese numba wan I guess

11 days ago
Reply to  Elcapo6

How dumb are you guys, you want me to write a novel then I should not use my country stuffs and I should go and use another country’s.
So stupid of course it’s going to be in Chinese do u want it to be in dutch or Yoruba then go and read Thier novels.

2 months ago

Anyway, guys although I got a little hyped up there, I will still be waiting for your reviews to see if it’s good and worth a try.