I am a Noble

I am a Noble


A monster that has appeared in modern times.
Psychics who have the ability to kill the monster.
They go to the monster raid today and tomorrow. Why? The monster body becomes money. It’s very money.

At any rate, supernatural beings are treated like royalty. They hunt monsters and live abundantly and richly.

And finally I became a psychic. I was overjoyed, but joy was a while, and I soon became sad.

There is also water between psychics.
Great dealers, commoner tankers, and noble healers.

It’s good to be a psychic, but … what is it?

I am now a black man.
But… … It must become a noble.

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3 years ago

I just read this novel about 3 of them, and after that I just drop this novel. Why? At the very start the novel somehow confusing asf. Also I’m not sure who is our Mc, not sure the gender either as the picture showing a female, but at the same time there’s no indication regarding the MC gender at all. Oh, did I mentions how this novel is confusing asf?

5 months ago

Let me go forth and test this posion that lies in our path…. Behold, my brain cells are active… Immeasurable mode is activited