I Am Longevity Immortal

I Am Longevity Immortal


Immortals, gods, demons, princes and generals; dragon girls hold lamps, and the cups hold the sea.

When wild foxes practice Zen, fierce tigers realize Taoism; when they swim in the North Sea in the morning, they go to Cangwu in the evening.

Immortals and gods survive, and demons establish a country.

These originally had nothing to do with Qi Wuhuo.

And Qi Wuhuo, who always saw square characters in his dreams, only thought of being able to participate in the next spring test at that time.

Until he was making yellow rice rice, an old man gave him a jade pillow, which made him have a long dream.

Huang Liang has a dream.


Huang Liang awakened from his dream and broke his heart, and since then he has opened the door to practice.

The golden crow flies, and the jade rabbit leaves.

One grain of millet in the three realms, the dust of the mountains and rivers for several years.

Pass the sword leisurely through the downtown.

No one knows that I am a real fairy.

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shin - the arrogant young master
1 month ago

Is there no brave soul who can review this?

1 month ago

Ps check if there is any signs of a heroine

1 month ago

The description makes it seem that the poison is too dangerous for testing…

1 month ago

I am at chapter 43.

There are many inconsistencies. Every chapter ends with where the techniques or artifacts mentioned in the chapter were referenced from. Most are from folk stories or other literatures.

The flow of words and plot gives a fleeting sense of butchered poetry.

Author did have many plot points and devices that would have made the novel a good one, but as most novels on this site, it is very average in it’s execution.

The jade pillow mentioned in the summary – it was only used once. It gave the MC a simulation of how life would have went. It was a path of govt. official ( kingdom official here). MC regrets such life in his dream. After waking up, story abruptly changes. Now there are many Taoists, Ghosts and whole group of mountain gods.. and soon MC butters up the Tiger that is the mountain god here his house and MC has an old man who advices him on techniques which he passed on to the tiger on which it levels up. Tiger chooses to roam the world. Hence, gives the position of mountain god to MC.

Honetsly, I feel too much is happening in small amount of time as if Author thought of about them now, not when he wrote the simulation.

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shin - the arrogant young master
1 month ago
Reply to  reyan_dragon

Thank you for your review reyan!

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1 month ago
Reply to  reyan_dragon

After waking up, story abruptly changes. Now there are many Taoists, Ghosts and whole group of mountain gods.. and soon MC butters up the Tiger that is the mountain god here his house and MC has an old man who advices him on techniques which he passed on to the tiger on which it levels up.

just started after seeing your review and i thought would be as bad as you pointed and even delayed a little starting .. but tbh, i’m still at chapter earlier dozen chapter but is not as bad as you seems to have written: the earlier butchered poetry. is true and horrible but the plot itself does not seem bad, or even badly written:

this gonna have spoiler of the earlier start until the mc start immortal journey for those who wants to read, is not in chronological order, because i answered our friend above but pretty much covers the earlier chapters until he start cultivating.

first, in the simulation: the mc was already introduced to supernatural.. even as “kid”, he meet that mountain goddess who passed “divine soul cultivation” to him.. unfortunately he never truly cultivate, only learned the basics, even as he became official, thus his soul (in simulation) only survived for a short time after dying but still left a huge impression on him!

second: he was send as general to fight against monster race country , for 20 years.. damn this already shows us that there’s monsters-gods and everything else in this world too was no surprise, unless the author used euphemism here in calling them monsters but still being human, at first i thought was really euphemism, but every now and them he calls “Monster beasts” and given the earlier chapter when we learn that the mc and his teacher was “displaced” and ended up reaching a “monster” city, where his teacher stayed to pay the “100 catties” of meat(implying to be himself) i think is really supernatural stuff as i read, and later on confirmed to be true monster race, the mc fought as general for 20 years vs it.. the kingdom he is is surrounded by monsters race, this is not secret, is just that “simulation” was manipulated (in my opinion by the old man).

Plus the old guy who teaches him, is the immortal: the immortal was travelling there for some reason that i don’t know yet based on the chapter i read and he found the MC: he thought the mc was demon cultivator because of his strong divine soul using demon arts.. thus we have the start of chapter 1: where he stays there: fakes his injury, to “check up” the mc and sees that the mc is really someone with “talent” and NOT a demonic cultivator thus the “old man” tests him a few times, implying meaning here and there to see if he wants to go immortal cultivation and sees the mc still insist on following the journey of official and thus the jade pillow pop up.. as final “trick” from the immortal, as last way to see if he can change his mind..

he wants to show the kid how the life of a official was, and see if he can “let go” of his mortal connection and seek immortality.. this could also explain why in the simulation there’s almost 0 mentions of “immortality” besides at the start (giving him the divine soul technique) and the end, when he is killed and becomes a “soul” and meet mountain god again:

if you think about it, if the immortal really “manipulated” the the simulation (and i think he did it, because was clear made by him to show him the mortal world) it was truly genius move:

first introducing the “immortal means” at the start, with the kid still 17 years old> (just putting that seed of doubt in his mind.. the “path” he had not taken, and this “seed” would grown bigger and bigger as the disappointment grown)

giving him a huge life of disappointed with “official-mundane world”>(making him study the technique and at least learn a little)

finish with him experiencing the “divine soul cultivation technique”, after being killed by the emperor.. (making him use the technique and meeting the mountain god, 60 year apart, he already death-old and can not even keep his “soul” and the goddess still there strong, showing him the possibilities and making him even more disappointed)

thus the simulation showed him the infinite possibilities of “immortal life” and pushing the regret/disappointment even higher of how he wasted all his life like that as official that could not do anything besides following orders of the emperor and tricks every now and them, this is special important because the OLD man had told him exactly this earlier on when trying to dissuade him of pursuing official-mundane world.

making him have the biggest impression of cultivation with the divine soul technique and the biggest regret/disappointment with “mundane-official” world, it was a genius move by the guy.. but the biggest killer, was after all the pillow itself, once he realized that the “pillow”, the “dream” was really “supernatural” by giving him the knowledge-expertise was a ‘real thing” like the knowledge(books) given to him by the tutor su, he “read” in the dream, and when he started reading again here, he made realization that he already knew like he already had read , this was the “killing” move and thus the reason why the first thing the kid ask the old man is if he can really live forever!

the oldman throwed a BAIT and HOOKED the mc like a fish..hard, as i read that chapter, i thought damn: if this old man asked him to run naked in the mountain and try to f*ck that tigress mountain god to become immortal, the dude would do it.. just because of how “well made” it wass, as if the simulation was controlled by him, and everything points to yes!

this comment have spoilers up to chapter 9-10 +-.. for anyone who is curious but in my personal opinion, it seems you “missed” the point about the simulation being “controlled” or not, even small monologues by the old man implies this, thus you found strange that “supernatural” stuff pop up out of nowhere.

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1 month ago

this is one of the best novels in the last year I have read. It tells the story of a young taoist during the era of heavenly court where mortal and immortal world not separated and big powers play with mortals’ lives for their benefit. The writing is especially good: it includes many references from ancient texts, has enough humors and sometimes gives really good life lessons.

The only downside is the power levels are not described well and the mtl makes it worse.

1 month ago

the first 200chapters is the introduction volume as the author indicates..
so before writing review, i suggest reading at least the first volume.

Last edited 1 month ago by lifeinbottleneck