I Can Inverse Heavens To Change My Fate

I Can Inverse Heavens To Change My Fate


There are Confucian and Taoist sages who teach and transform the world, open the sky with a single painting, and set their minds for the heaven and earth; there are also great monks who smile with flowers, the law of heaven and earth, and the evolution of boundless Buddha land, which is comparable to the bliss of the Western Heaven.

And Ji Qiu was just an ant like a mayfly under this boundless world.

I thought it was just a start for mortals, and in the midst of difficulties and obstacles, I won the chance to become enlightened.


[Reincarnation simulation, take you to experience the different expressions of life. 】

A specious simulator, but took him into a completely different world.

The genius of Zen and Taoism, which is rare in Buddhism through the ages, entered Taoism with martial arts, and entered the imperial city alone, dressed in white clothes like blood, just to win a sentence and live up to the Tathagata and the emperor…

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7 months ago

Boring. First mc simulate and get future trejectory and then live same Future trejectory while stealing others chance . Hypocrite mc .

7 months ago

Hate when people reach 1 or 2 chapter and make the novel look bad and rate it low atleast read 20 to 30 ch before rating it

Novel is pretty good get simulation system after each simulation he can choose to accept results or can enter and can change and make decisions later system got function can deduce other people life so he can see how they live or die or when or where they got special encounter

Most good thing about novel is not like random shit 10 time simulation at 1 time get all talent etc
Till now he only simulate 2 time
Story is interesting

7 months ago

This novel is ok, but has a clear flaw – you’re either invested in his original life, or the simulation. The simulations feel like short novels, and have a completely different pacing and story.

His original life is mentioned in the first chapter, but without specifying anything. Within the first 500 characters, he’s already started reincarnating… So it’s difficult to understand what’s going on.

In addition, his ‘death’ in the first simulation comes completely out of the blue, which is a bit irritating.

The author opts for short timeskips, which sets the pacing within the simulation life, but you have to remember that the original life has no impact.

So in essence, you’re reading 70+ chapters that has like 5% bearing on his real life (only the skills, talents etc.).

To be frank, it seems like a waste of my time to read this kind of novel for hundreds of chapters.

The only thing I enjoyed was the romance plot that was set up