I Can View Character Attributes

I Can View Character Attributes

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Travel through parallel worlds and gain the special ability to view attribute panels.
At the first test of his skills, Xia Xu was almost blinded by the luxurious attributes of a little transparent girl in the class.
【Name】: Tang Youxin
[Life Rating]: 1
[Fate Potential]: Allure Stunning (5 stars), Wangfu (5 stars)

Well, it is said that love at first sight is all about seeing the color, but someone I swear, my love at first sight is all about talent, seeing the inner beauty of small transparency.

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6 months ago

Starting was good i read it till 200 ch
But after around 130 it start to get boring (I will tell u why )
Mc get transmigrate to another world with same technology and other stuff mc got special ability to se others innate ability like hacker lvl 5 or fighting etc (ability lvl r divided into 5 Star they r innate ability don’t increase or decrease u r born with it)
Then mc found world is little different there r genetically modified werewolf and Batman who hide among humans
Mc second ability is to read future events related to that character
Just like when they r involved in great event or think it like some special characters (protagonist of some arc side character)c can read what the future of that person gonna be like
as for why it get boring later read it and find this
Give it a try