I Contracted Myself

I Contracted Myself


This is a crisis-ridden world.
Alienated beasts and savages lurking in cities and wilderness, staring at humans.
The savage serpent god lurks under the earth, the king of the mist hides between the emptiness and the reality, and human civilization is at stake.
At this time, Zhang Ping came across, and the first thing he had to face was the ubiquitous Tianchang Fox in Pearl City.

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5 months ago

The concept is good and mc’s ability is unique. But he’s goody two shoes retarded main character. No clue why he is trying to help a fallen city full of monsters when he’s weak asf.

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5 months ago

It’s quite good, but even though MC’s ability is quite OP it still look weak coz he need long times to grow up while his surroundings is always in danger. The humanity in this novel is seriously pitiful and often in despairing situation. One mistake then they’re done for.