I Created Myth Of Old Ruler

I Created Myth Of Old Ruler

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Traveling through parallel worlds, Lu Yi, who just wants to make some movies to make money, has awakened the system. As long as he completes the task, he will be rewarded.
Wait, look under the bed at midnight? Is there a piano in a theater that has been abandoned for twenty years? The painter of the art exhibition is missing? When Lu Yi finished these tasks, he realized that there really seemed to be ghosts in this world!
This system is not right.
He discovered that the system not only allowed himself to explore various forbidden places for death, but also filmed all his death experiences into video material, and later directly threw Lu Zan into an indescribable other world!
“Hey, then I edited these videos into movies. Isn’t it the best horror movie?”
Lu Yi gradually understood everything.
As a result, in the foreign land, legends about the old rulers and the indescribable horror began to circulate.

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
8 months ago

Crazy lu strike again πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

Honestly I might be like this more than My House of Horror. In terms of scare level MHoH is scarier, but this novel is more entertaining for me, especially when reading those response from others that saw MC’s horror scenes often made me laugh