I, Demonic Cultivator, Buys Crazily At the Doomsday

I, Demonic Cultivator, Buys Crazily At the Doomsday


What I mean is, if I, a demon cultivator with a soul-refining banner, enter the zombie world and slaughter zombies wildly, killing them to a blinding extent, with blood flowing thousands of miles away, and accomplishing my demonic skills, and as a result, merit from heaven comes into my body, then what is my status? Demonic cultivation or righteousness?
Will I, a little undercover sent by the Righteous Dao, be punished as a peerless old devil in the future, or will I be enshrined as a saint?
Waiting online, a bit urgent…

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8 days ago

Ummm? This setting in description, I seem to have read this novel on qindan, or maybe it was just a copy paste.

Mc wakes up in the body of eldest senior disciple of demonic sect having no memories, his junior sister comes and tell him that he and she is a spy (without him asking anything), mc soon discovers he has the power to travel to an apocalyptic world but I stopped after realizing its just modern chinese world with zombies and mutants…

I am waiting for someone to give a review and see if I missed something.

Last edited 8 days ago by Kennny
8 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

Kennny description is the right novel and accurate. For me what I did not like about this novel is that they described the mc as smart but he does a lot dumb decision. He seem smart only half the time. Also, I do not like when the mc goal for becoming stronger is just surviving but go into danger for almost no reason except becoming stronger.

shin - the arrogant young master
7 days ago
Reply to  FalseisTrue

And what made me stop was the urban setting. I hate urban!

2 days ago

Same here, I hate urban because 99% of the chinese urban genre means nationalism and racism.

2 days ago
Reply to  FalseisTrue

Yeap, I have seen that a lot.

-> MC that are forced to becoming Invincible and immortal to “survive”.

-> MC that are forced to make to become simp and lick white lady’s feet.

-> MC that are forced to leave their hiding spot and jump out to save damsel in distress surrounding by horny dogs.

I don’t mind it if they are doing this knowingly… But getting forced to do something is very very very annoying.