I Developed Scientific Magic

I Developed Scientific Magic


Lynn traveled to a magical world similar to the European Middle Ages but possessing magical powers.
Here, magic can affect and control elementary particles.
So…a scientific theory is a magic formula!
Wizards called spellcasters who are actually scientists, under the siege of the Holy See, struggled to explore the truth of the world, until the arrival of Lynn, which set off a renaissance of an alien version…

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12 days ago

hopefully it’s good

11 days ago

from the same author of Hogwarts Blood Wizard

11 days ago

Got mixed feeling about it, I didn’t like it for the heavy plot armor MC wake up he got fixed item Spawn by the plot armor, MC killing without any discomfort for the first time he was just a scientist yet he butchering people like he’s a profession killer, gods fanatic rule and gods in wizard continent? A God projectile was summoned his teacher and his fellow apprentices die expect him and he’s senior sister… how convenient, so he a small apprentice surviving a God projectile while he’s teacher an official wizard get slayed like chiken right the plot armor too heavy for me

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10 days ago
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11 days ago

Mc has the heaviest plot armour in existence, I’m surprised a meteor hasn’t struck out of outer space yet and annihilated all his enemies.

10 days ago
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