I Have A Great Inn

I Have A Great Inn


The nine kingdoms compete for hegemony, and blood rains in the rivers and lakes.
Su Yun wanted to rely on the inn left by his ancestors to spend his life rich and noble.
But I didn’t expect that the guests staying in the inn would be more difficult to deal with!

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3 months ago

It is good

empress lust
3 months ago

a book about picking up girls. all 15 chapters, and there are already two workers in the hotel, one of whom is an outstanding student, and the other is a sect leader, also some of the minor characters. I’m ready to give 200 silver coins, just because the girl flirted with him. he shows incomparable treasures for which he can be killed, only because he believes in the character of a man whom mc asked to gouge out his eyes at the first meeting.

3 months ago

Great novel for people to kill their brain cells

1 day ago

It is a decent novel.