I Have A Profound Water Snake Avatar

I Have A Profound Water Snake Avatar


“Mine, mine, it’s all mine. I’ll take a bite, I, I, I’ll take a bite!!!”
After waking up, Hong Yuan traveled to a chaotic world where demons made troubles and human lives were worthless.
His aptitude is extremely poor, and his cultivation speed is progressing at a snail’s pace. Even if he has a proficiency panel, it won’t help. In the end of his life, his highest achievement may only be an outer sect deacon.
Fortunately, a monster named Xuanshui Snake was cloned.
Hong Yuan discovered that as long as his Xuanshuisnake avatar devours and grows, his own body’s [life] and [qualification] can increase indefinitely!
At the same time, the breakthrough of the main body [gongfa] will feed back the natural strength to the clone of the Xuanshui snake.
The second-level monster Xuanshui Snake: a strange beast that can slightly manipulate the water flow, and can set off turbulent waves in the river.
Tier 4 Monster Beast Ice Armored Python: Possesses strong defense power and can create a world of ice and snow in the scorching summer.

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7 days ago

Review at 190

It’s an average time pass novel to be Frank

The MC has a Snake Avatar
The more the snake avatar grows, the more better his perception is.

He is cautious and decisive.
Not sentimental but responsible.
No love interest.

The plot Armor is thick.
He will get cultivation, resources, etc whenever he requires.
And suddenly after 120, the author is like i am gonna put MC on steroids.

Understand this, the income of a normal cultivator is around 3 stones
And this guy gets 70 million suddenly.

Plus he has backers in both human and animal form.

The only good part about the novel is sentiment between the side characters.
Kind of heartwarming.

Ranks are like 1 to 9

Martial saint is 6
Martial emperor is 9


Read if you don’t have better.

2 days ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

What level martial artist is he in 190th chapter

shin - the arrogant young master
2 days ago

Started good but became boring.

The mc has two bodies, one is human while the other one is snake.

His talent is poor in the beginning but it quickly increases as his snake body evolves.

He is very cautious and low key. Which is something I liked quite a lot.

But I don’t like his extreme selfishness.

He has no loved ones, although there are characters that care about mc, but he constantly harms them for his own use.

Now here comes the flaws.

The side characters are really really bad, they have no presence, no personality, nothing.

Even an arrogant young master is more interesting to read than the side characters of this book.

The plot is only about him cultivating quietly, there is no event throughout the novel that can be considered interesting ( except for his snake life).

These two factors make this novel extremely boring as the plot advances. The world of this novel feels very plane and monotonous.

So even though everything is fine, but it failed to keep me hooked.

Last edited 2 days ago by shin - the arrogant young master