I Have An Altar Of Luck

I Have An Altar Of Luck


Chen Yuan, the yamen of Ping’an County, came across, with an altar of luck hidden in his mind.
As long as you sacrifice your luck, you can get the guidance of heaven, magical powers, exercises, sorcery, heaven and earth treasures…
In this world, there are immortals, Buddhas, and demons, as well as the heights of temples and the distance of rivers and lakes.
There are 3,000 sword immortals who control the sword in the sky, there are Buddhist Arhats who raise their fingers to the sky, and there are rivers and lakes…
This is the worst of times and the best of times.
My name is Chen Yuan, from the abyss!

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minute man
5 months ago

Chapter 53 is very satisfying
MC is a THOT Slayer.
Also Zaho Nanshan Oldman is Chaad

Last edited 5 months ago by minute man
5 months ago

100 chapters so far and this cheat is so irrelevant and barely in the story, Mc is working hard on his own.

Last edited 5 months ago by Enryu231
5 months ago

I’m over 100 chapters and to be honest I still don’t understand what he’s golden finger is, MC struggle everyday like a dog because of he’s medicore cultivation Talent and involves himself in big wig games and he usually suffer everytime because of it. He’s golden finger collect luck of people he kills but I still don’t understand what benefit he got from it I feel like he’s golden finger just for show he basically never used it once. Govremnt what to destroy the fanatics that make blood sacrifices etc but they still keep their hand cuz stability is not always a good thing they keep it reasonable MC doesn’t know that and because of that he always get stabbed in the back feeling too much of a dog MC with useless golden finger, the problem is o feel almost zero progress to the real story he’s in a small city and just doing some side quests over 100 chapters… make it feel like author just watering the story for words, overall novel not bad but I would wish a real progress like MC start to use he’s golden finger

Last edited 5 months ago by kappalord