I Have Hundred Times The Reward Of Online Game

I Have Hundred Times The Reward Of Online Game


A cross-century online game that can promote human evolution!
Become stronger in the game, and the body in reality will also evolve.
You can also do quests to bring in-game items to reality.
“Ding, you have completed the test of the mission space ring!”
“Ding, you have completed the task of the test of the purple-winged thunder dragon!”
In reality, Xiao Han opened the space ring, took out the corpse of a fifth-order mutant beast, raised his hand and threw it at the Purple Wing Thunder Dragon…

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4 months ago

Shitty game novel. After 40 chapters no syncronization to reality. Boring. And showing his talent to everbody. So someday a strong enemy can snipe him out

4 months ago

The concept is interesting, but 80% of the novel is filler and has no impact on the story whatsoever.

2 months ago
Reply to  Dabeng


4 months ago

Early story and I’m already got poisoned by faceslap farce and young master revenge farce. This is retard, those guys clearly knew how OP and how much potential MC was when they confronted him, yet instead of trying to reconcile they further draw enmity by keep trying to PK him just because of petty greed(and of course they got countered PK), yet this guy is so called leader of famous guild? Pttuii, there’s no way famous guild have such moronic guild master.

2 months ago
Reply to  gemberforces

And man, if they are really villain.
Then when they know they are weak but still for who knows what reason, they gotta take revenge and attack right now. Then at least, aim at his friends and family and go with prep, like you should kill if you need but no no no. Villains never kill they just talk shit, give mc chance, and even when they are strong they just stay at one place so mc can fairly come there and beat them with face slaps and girls are like wow wow wow . This man is so strong so handsome, I m already wet so I’ll be his hoe and then either tsundere plot or damsel in fuking distress plot or simply mc helping poor giris to raise their levels or giving them equipment

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3 months ago

MC is an idiot. All of the later drama starts because he publicly announces his hometown online. Without that monumental act of stupidity, the rest of the shitty plot couldnt happen. So now, everytime he gets put into a life threatenig situation irl, i cant really bring myself to care. Also dude is escaping from people powerful enough in the central region to send high level evolvers and what does he do? Make phone calls and *suprise pikachu face*, they find him. I could stomach the nonensical premise that makes the game trivial but the shitty writing pervades the whole novel.

2 months ago

Logic broken
Face slaps tooooo………. Much
No care, carefree, kind, stupid, look like god is helping him or I can’t explain his stupid decesion and godly luck. Later on, create a party and share the only cheat he have.
100x increase in all rewards. Whether experience or tools…. Other rewards