I Opened A Restaurant In Pokemon World

I Opened A Restaurant In Pokemon World

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[You make a piece of food, and you get a chance to modify the characteristics of Pokémon once]
[You entertained the champion Crimson, and you got ten free race points]
“It’s impossible to be a trainer as a trainer, it’s impossible to be a trainer in this life, and a trainer can’t do it, so the only way to survive is to be a chef.”

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Teddy Adhijaya
7 months ago

I lost interest reading this, The author does everything he likes without knowing something like Farfetch’d using fire punch? where did he get this information from?

7 months ago
Reply to  Teddy Adhijaya

Did you learn your english from MTL? Also Fire Punch? That’s what bothers you? He’s got a fucking Wonder Guard Farfetch’d and you’re surprised it could learn FIRE PUNCH? Mate can change the ability of his pokemon at will with one item and you think he couldn’t force his pokemon to learn any TMs without restriction?

7 months ago

I am a little sad if the novel was a cook get pokemon that can make ingredientes like beedrill honey or farfech onion etc but is not like that

6 months ago


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5 months ago

I’m starting to read Pokemon fanfics now, but I didn’t find any that held me, could someone point me to the classics? What are the best Pokemon fanfics?

5 months ago
Reply to  phunpix

I came back to read after a long time so I’ll mention the four top pokemon fanfics, well the others I read were meh, from back then in no particular order (they’re all really good). Rise of Dark Pokemons, Pokemon Masters, I Have a Daycare in Pokemon World, Pokemon’s Fifth Elite.

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4 months ago
Reply to  phunpix

I’ll just suggest base on my experience reading pokemon fanfics, you should start with 1. Pokémon’s Fifth Elite(MC without system), 2. Rise of Dark Pokémons(MC with a system/chip), 3. Pokémon to the Top(MC with a Aura(dark)), 4. I have a Day care in Pokémon World(MC with a system), 5. Pokemon rise of the Bug type Elite(MC with a Aura(Bug), 6. Greatest Pokémon Master( one of the oldest Pokémon Fanfic)my first pokemon fanfic, 7. Pokémon Court (the second pokemon fanfic I read.