I Really Dont Want To Be A Trainer

Standing in front of you now is–
The board of directors of Devon, the founder of Rainbow Rockets, the master of inverse attributes, the champion of the world championship…
Legendary trainer Lu Ye, recalling the scene of the first live broadcast, sighed.
“Speaking of which, you may not believe it. My original wish was just to show my face after 100,000 subscriptions.”
“I just want to make the right amount of money, starting from a game zone UP owner.”
“I really didn’t want to be a trainer!”
The book is also known as: “Five-division Lu Ye”, “Adolescent trainers will not dream of a Shenao champion”, “Miss Zhulan wants me to confess”, “Becoming a world champion starts with the anchor”…
[Integrated world view, parallel world + animation, game setting + special edition]

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