I Shall Seal The Heavens Manhua

I Shall Seal The Heavens Manhua


THIS IS MANHUA! This is about a failed young scholar named Meng Hao who gets forcibly recruited into a Sect of Immortal Cultivators. In the Cultivation world, the strong prey on the weak, and the law of the jungle prevails.
Meng Hao must adapt to survive. And yet, he never forgets the Confucian and Daoist ideals that he grew up studying. This, coupled with his stubborn nature, set him on the path of a true hero. What does it mean to β€œSeal the Heavens?” This is a secret that you will have to uncover along with Meng Hao.

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Peps Maot
5 years ago

I love it

suhartoyo suhartoyo
5 years ago

Love This…

rizki hidayat
5 years ago

I likeee

John Roe
5 years ago

Where is ch.51 ??

Bruno Santos
4 years ago

I likeee

Divine Aster
2 years ago

Chapters 1-21 got reduced to nothing…
Please fix.

2 years ago

Yeah, this is the only old cultivation novel that left me lasting impression. I truly looking forward with the shenanigans of Lord Fifth parrot and Lord Third meat jelly.

Have faith in the Lord fifth gain eternal life when the Lord Fifth appears who dares to cause strife?

id required
2 years ago
Reply to  gemberforces

HAHAHA this opened up so many old memories i gotta reread this <3

Last edited 2 years ago by id required
1 year ago

where is the manhua?every chapter is empty