I Turned Daily Skills Into Supernatural Powers

I Turned Daily Skills Into Supernatural Powers


Travel to the world of immortal martial arts and become a frail scholar.
Because of family changes, he had to give up the imperial examination and became a blacksmith.
Unlocked the “Liver Emperor” system to increase proficiency and improve skills.
It is also possible to convert daily skills into top-level supernatural powers.
Forging Iron – Hammer of God Destroyer
Sculpture – Blade of Vientiane
Painting – the world of painting
Calligraphyβ€”β€”Writing the pen to determine the universe
Cooking – Stewed Tenjin in Iron Pot

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shin - the arrogant young master
26 days ago

MC doesn’t have spiritual roots, it takes more than 150 chapters for him to step on the path of cultivating immortality.

Before that he practiced martial arts and gains status as a sword forging master.

That’s all I know about this novel.

25 days ago

I finished very good mc skills raise grantsbhime knowledge and divine skills
Like he raises painting got the ability to make painting come alive and so one

19 days ago

A very good novel in my opinion. My boy here is just your normal dude doing normal stuff like what title said,just that the system make it into divine superpower ability. I wouldn’t spoil too much but the power system for mc is very strong. Not that disgusting mary sue but comfortable power up since mc work for it. Also he is good but not strong at early chapter. Good stuff,try it.

11 days ago

Any romance or harem?
So that I know to avoid it. Thanks.