I Use Qi And Blood To Add Points Infinitely

I Use Qi And Blood To Add Points Infinitely


Traveling through the troubled times, the strong are born, and the dangers are everywhere.
Lu Wangchuan found that as long as he consumed a certain amount of energy and blood, he could directly improve the level of his skills.
Consume 1,000 calories of energy and blood, and complete the Cracking Mountain Fist to open the monument and crack the stone.
Consume 10,000 calories of energy and blood, and cut the river with one sword at the full level of Wuji Swordsmanship.
Consume 100,000 calories of energy and blood, and destroy 100,000 enemies instantly with the ultimate Prajna Dragon Elephant!

Time flies, when the energy and blood exceeds a trillion trillion, Lu Wangchuan suppresses the sky with one thought, and destroys the gods with one word!

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9 days ago

Review after chapter 15
The MC is a Chinese typical protagonist with a cheat that consume Qi and blood to upgrade his martials arts.
He transmigrated into a martial apprentice body in a Chinese world where everything is in chaos. So the cliches about his colleagues who bully him for money just a few chapters later to make the MC kill some of them. his breakthrough are pretty fast after a few chapters he possessed the power of a high level person of where he is.

9 days ago

Bro… Give a review, not spoilers.

9 days ago

Chapters are really long and he breakthroughs realms really fast,in ch 120 he is in 18th realm and there is no character development or strong enemy, very very thick plot armour,it’s passable if you don’t have anything to read.

7 days ago

is not horrible but the pace is super super fast i think one of the fastest pace Cultivation novels i ever read.

read 100 chapters and its a solid 3/5

dont expect MC going through problems because this entire novel is a power trip the writing has no intricacies its straight forward as can be

Last edited 7 days ago by Raizel2014
18 hours ago

The novel is super fast paced and the MC doesn’t seem too smart. Every few chapters he has new enemies and breakthroughs. Read around 90 chapters and couldn’t take it anymore.