I Was Ridiculed For Choosing C-Level Hero

I Was Ridiculed For Choosing C-Level Hero


This is a world invaded by monsters. All kinds of powerful and terrifying monsters threaten the safety of human beings at all times.
Fortunately, there is no such thing as an unparalleled path. After all human beings reach the age of eighteen, they can choose a hero as their matching partner.
Once the match is successful, you can get the natural abilities of the heroes, become a strong man, and fight back against monsters.
Chen Ye, who came through time travel, was surprised to find that the heroes everyone matched were all from “One Punch Man”.
Everyone else is pursuing the talent of S-level heroes, but only Chen Ye knows that among the C-level heroes, the bald devil is the strongest.
So, at the graduation ceremony, Chen Ye did not hesitate to choose to fit his bald physique, but was ridiculed by the live broadcast on the whole network!
“Haha, this idiot actually chose a C-level hero talent.”
“A C-level hero is recognized as a waste hero. I’m afraid there is a big problem with this buddy’s brain?”
Facing the ridicule, Chen Ye just insisted on exercising silently.
Three years later.
An invincible bald head is starting to be inappropriate…

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26 days ago

One of worst novel to be produced by any human being .
Truly awful novel to read . I got poison just by reading 35 chapter .


26 days ago

What level has comrademao has fallen to accept this trash SMH ……..

N7 Feross
26 days ago

Jie jie jie What a potent poison with only the synopsis read I almost fell in qi deviation

26 days ago
Reply to  N7 Feross


25 days ago

I have some serious morbid curiosity for this novel from these comments

25 days ago

From the synopsis, there are lots of face slaps

22 days ago

so how is it

Wandering Through the Dao
21 days ago

Hello, fellow Daoists. After an unknown amount of years, I’ve decided to contribute by reviewing this novel.

The world setting is simple: modern Earth starts to appear space nodes that pop up monsters. This is a heavily inspired fan-fiction, with that I mean – the superpowers that exist in this world are all took from the famous series One Punch Man. There is a degree of fusion fit, so it’s hard to fuse S-rank heroes, and easier to fit lower-ranked ones.

These space nodes give attribute points of which you can freely allocate after successfully completing it, and these space nodes are real worlds. An interesting thing is that most, if not all of them are worlds that exists in form of series within our reality. An example (it’s not a heavy spoiler):

Light spoiler
Pirate World

Our protagonist is from Blue Star, aka Earth, and knows that the strongest is actually our dear Saitama, thus decides to choose his hero template. There isn’t much face-slap, actually. That surprised me a lot, the protagonist also isn’t that bad, of course, that will depend on your personal liking of protagonist types.

Overall, it’s not a bad fan-fiction, however, definitely not one of the best. I’d say it’s a 3.5 or 4.0 out of 5. It’s barely enough for you to pass time, it doesn’t require you to use much of your brain power.

With that said, I shall return to seclusion. In the silence of the void, I will observe you, fellow daoists.

Have a safe journey in this vast world, you all have my blessings.

14 days ago

gotta be on my list of annoying books