I’m Growing a Farm in the Last of Days

I’m Growing a Farm in the Last of Days


Going back to ten years ago, with two months to go before the giant storm, Jingshu started to build her own fortress, raising some chickens, ducks and fish that are on the verge of extinction, growing some vegetables that will not be available in the future, and stocking up on some delicious snacks.
You have to have style in your life, and when you treat your enemies, I like the way you look when I eat steak and cry, and the intoxicated look on your face when you smell the smell of barbecue. It’s so beautiful.
[Cube space level: 4th-order cube 4*4*4=64 cubic meters, 5th-order cube 5*5*5=125 cubic meters, 6th-order cube 6*6*6=216 cubic meters.. etc.]

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7 months ago

Is it poison? Anyone can give me review? Or summary, is it romance?

7 months ago

The problems of the book are not big. The plot is unhurried, a lot revolves around food and family, there is mysticism, the main character combines luck and bad luck.