Iโ€™m in Hollywood

Iโ€™m in Hollywood


An advertising director is reborn in 1988 Hollywood as an eighteen-year-old blond-haired westerner named Eric Williams.

From then on, he starts writing movie scripts and television songs, becomes skilled in directing every kind of film, wins over all kinds of female celebrities, and takes the road to become a Hollywood legend.

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4 years ago


Ucup Sama
4 years ago

A very fascinating novel. It’s about a guy whose soul came back into the past. He then took advantage of his knowledge on future by writing film scripts at first and later creating his own films. As a result, he became one of the most powerful figure in this industry.

Overall I enjoy reading this novel. I like its theme about Hollywood. I also like our MC’s cunningness. But I hate his softheartedness toward woman. I hate the fact that as a don in Hollywood circle he needed to bow down upon some trivial women who had romance with him. As a super rich guy, he didn’t need to appease them. Just dump them or shut their mouth with money and searched for new ones to toy with. Unless he sticked to this idea, this novel will always remain mainstream.

3 years ago

OK i was pretty tolerant of this novel, but mc relationship are too messy to deal with and although writer tried to add shooting processe and movie rights dealings it’s still bit bland to be honest when first relationship with Jennifer Aniston was revealed I was looking forward to it but after 30 chapters Mc just looks at famous actress and get in bed with him, even if we look at Hollywood maybe some of stuff in novel can be regarded possible but it’s too exhausting to read When Mc just don’t have a grasp on his own character,
Pretty disappointed. DROPPED AT CHAP 140

3 years ago

I read to the end and I can say that the novel is below average.
+ History of cinema and Hollywood in the 80’s.
+ A good look from the production team and how movies are created.
+ Actors, Producers, Directors, and even movie studios. Everything is written more or less correctly spelled out in the plot of the novel.

– Harem.
– A stupid main character who doesn’t see the consequences of his actions.
– Too much ero adventure of the main character who sleeps with everyone. (I’m not talking about the harem, the harem has 5-7 girls. But MC just Fucks everyone)
– Chinese thinking and perversion. For example, the main character is a Pedophile, the author tries to soften this with the words-He is just a lolicon. No, he’s a pedophile!
Well, personally subjectively:
– Author’s Taste.. He thinks Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst are ugly. But 13-year-old Drew Berimore is considered a Beauty…..
13-year-old drug addict and and Mary Jane’s sex symbol of the 2000s.

2 years ago

Compared to all the mtl’ed hollywood/showbiz fics this is definitely the most solid one. From conquest of harem to life achievements and exploit of future knowledge, to reasonable realism of his exploits is definitely satisfying. Things only get dull 3/4 of the way because he became too comfortable and he made less and less movies. Not for soft hearted readers who cant stomach a selfish MC.