I’m Just Too Strong

I’m Just Too Strong


The enemy hits your chest with a slap, your internal organs rupture, you are dying, your body recovers instantly, and you become stronger.
You get up in the morning and hit the “Seven Injury Fist” once, all the internal organs are injured, and you become stronger again.
You eat an unknown poisonous weed, the poison attacks your heart, and your body continues to grow stronger.
You jumped off the crater, and the lava and fire poison instantly killed you. You didn’t die, you swelled up, and you thought it was really hard to die!

Bai Donglin: “All the harm done to me will only make me stronger!”

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8 months ago

Can someone do some poison testing?

8 months ago
Reply to  DragonMonarch

Done. And can only say that it is very generic. Elements copied from everywhere. Forced plot, too much plot Armor. Basically the MC randomly encounters enemies and randomly gains stuff he needs. Maybe it can be a little interesting for about 20-30 chapters because of his weird ability but you’ll start finding yourself skipping everything after that.

Edit: forgot to add that I still have no clue about how the realm and everything is set up. The cultivation system is a mess.

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empress lust
8 months ago
Reply to  Practo

I agree, the author often mentions some details for the further plot, but then completely forgets about them, so many characters are forgotten, especially after he joined the sect it became even more boring, he also got the best technique for cultivation, but as always, the cliche turns on and it requires huge resources, and I myself also did not notice what it is so good about, in the future, the golden finger mc in addition to immortality does not give much and almost does not improve the strength of mc. The author crammed too many riddles into the plot at an early stage, so it’s already annoying, the cultivation areas are also mentioned somewhere after 120 chapters. I didn’t have enough time to continue reading this novel, it’s too boring for me

8 months ago

Op mc, body cultivator