Immortal Cultivation – I Can Save The Costs

Immortal Cultivation – I Can Save The Costs


Demons are rampant, and monks regard strangeness as the way of heaven.
If a mortal wants to practice cultivation, he must dig out his eyes, cut off his limbs, and cut off the root of wisdom…
Ren Qing, who came through the journey, found that by virtue of his supernatural powers, he could be exempted from the cost of cultivation.
[No-eye method]: Through swallowing the eyes, one hundred and six immortal eyes grow all over the body.
【Poison Bone Technique】: Soak your own bones in poisonous water for thirty-six days, then re-implant them in your body, and train them to the point where no grass grows.
[Sutra of the Dead]: Seal Laogong, Yongquan, Shenmen, and Yintang points with rivets, and bury them underground for three years.

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8 months ago

This Is just bad and Boring,who vote for this? 1.5

8 months ago

I read it raw was pretty good mc can consume little life to cultivate the strange techniques ( in this world every techniques you practice have to pay some prices ) but mc just need practice and little life
Worth reading

days of terror
8 months ago

Where can I see the raw’s link of this novel?

8 months ago

Good starting but it get bored and confusing on later chapters.

empress lust
8 months ago

The author is trying to convey the atmosphere of chaos, gloom and hopelessness, but all he conveyed is rubbish and confusion. The history of the CSC seems to be constantly unfinished and incomprehensible, the dialogues and reactions are also rubbish. (2.5/5)

empress lust
8 months ago
Reply to  empress lust

When mc finds something suspicious or finds a criminal, instead of reporting to the authorities and solving it quickly and safely, he begins to hide it and try to solve it himself

8 months ago

Was good at first but quality just degraded pretty soon as author is really bad at writing the plot because he has to lower the MC IQ for the plot to make sense. An example of it is that MC clearly has the heaven defying cheat of to update his cultivation by using life span but guess what he updates his most useless method(basically an space storage/inventory which also store cultivation base of uncontrollable methods) to yin messager level so that he could use that other method (ware wolf transformation) to increase cultivation while not losing control in wolf form. Not mention it doesn’t even have the power of yin messenger level as he could have just taken the a normal to method to yin messager level and most of problems would have been easily solved same goes for the selection of methods, if an anyone with little intelligence had same cheat as him they would have studied which methods have good synergy together unlike our protagonist who obviously have the resources and the cheat to use those resources but he choses the most fucking random method to go together while not even using them properly. Even the world building is shit as from the the get go author want to nerf the MC so average lifespan is 50 to max 60 years which could have made sense if it was people couldn’t live pass 50 because of danger of the world but No, people just grow old at the age of 40. While every other character give half assed info to MC because it “too early” bullshit like dude you should at least give basic introduction to the danger so common cultivator could avoid those things rather than knowing little to no info other than strange things while saying there more dangers than this but won’t tell you what the dangers are. Author want to be mysterious but this shit just beyond retarded.

Last edited 8 months ago by God_of_laziness