Immortal Cultivation In Wizard World

Immortal Cultivation In Wizard World

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Lu Feng, who traveled through the world of wizards for decades, had no hope of becoming a first-level wizard. With regret, he returned to his hometown, the sub-continent where he was born.
Unexpectedly, a space door that unexpectedly appeared in his mind brought Lu Feng to a world of cultivating immortals and seeking Taoism.
Here the way of earth immortals flourishes,
Build a spiritual realm, build a blessed land, build a cave…
After attaining the fruit of the immortal Taoism, you can live the same life as one world, and enjoy great freedom and freedom.
Traveling back and forth between the two worlds, Lu Feng, who came into contact with the way of earth immortals, saw his own way forward.
So he decided to stay in the world of wizards and practice the magic of the earth honestly.
Seek a great freedom, a free journey to heaven and immortality.

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1 month ago

Overall Good Novel
Read 90 chapter on another site
Mc returning home continent from wizard continent after losing motivation to continue pursuing the path because of his low talent
His golden Finger is a gate in the mind which can travel between two worlds
The immortal cultivation world is near dharma end era so resources are considered more important than the exercises
Wizarding world has far more concentration of aura(elements) than immortal world so there are more resources

So Mc uses the exercises of immortal world which put less focus on qualification (talent) with the help of resources of wizarding world

1 month ago

I don’t who gave this novel such a high rating it is the most common novel where the protagonist goes around saving women and going around and sharing cultivation techniques. When reading a wizard novel you do not expect harems at least not on 20 chapters and wizards should be indifferent not going around and saving family members that you do not even belong to.

1 month ago
Reply to  heartless

when you add “cultivation” , you must adding posibility “dual cultivation” “cauldron” “young master” “iq drop when meet humanoid jade” etc

10 days ago
Reply to  neko19


1 month ago

Read till 125.
Slow paced.
Is not actively looking for fights.
Got cheat and yet prefers to stay at home continent and thus not making him a target for powerhouses.
He isn’t an underdog in the fight he is involved in and hence there aren’t any sudden power ups.
As of recently he has upgraded from 3rd rank apprentice to official wizard.

1 month ago

I read it raw a while it’s pretty Average and a copycat of magus of the magic world’author latest novel

27 days ago

This novel could of been decent if mc was a strong wizard that died and gone to a cultuvation world and had no spirit root so had to follow wizard path learn new knowledge and find his way using wizardry. After he gets strong he could also let wizard patj flow out gor mortals seriously not hard to get unique decent idea with the classic xianxia setting

7 hours ago

Will there be updates ?