Immortal Cultivation Is So Scientific

Immortal Cultivation Is So Scientific


Immortals caress my top and endure longevity.
IBMz15, 190 CPUs, 40T memory, 12.2 billion transistors
Take the portable computer room to the world of immortality, and the story of immortality with the help of IBMz15.
All for longevity!

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7 months ago

it’s good

7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago

Not my cup of tea, although I only read 2 chapters but I have a feeling it’s one of those novels where after transmigration, those mc who barely made it to college in last life starts to invent things faster than Best Research Organization on Earth.

7 months ago
Reply to  Kennny

Well yeah, his cheat is the supercomputer from his Uni that he attend in past life. Its the most advance type in his world with all the info digitised and keep inside its memory. And then his computer room is his domain, a complete control to molecular level. That’s why he afford and able to create all that stuff. He didn’t create it, he copy it.

7 months ago

Well, I finish it(Currently at chap 125). This is actually good enough, or at least logical to me. Unlike other mtl novel that sprout nonsense, this actually give you a small info dump to justified whatever mc done. His cheat is modern supercomputer lab room from his past life Uni with having complete control of that whole room down to molecular level.

I like how this is weak yet strong, and mc have good wit inside his head and use it well. Using modern knowledge to create stuff for himself, quite well thought plot.

Slow, very slow progress in cultivation. Its more about mc taking advantage of using stuff cultivator didn’t care and mortal didn’t know..

Good story. I would put 4 in it, but judge it yourself. Give it a 50chapter before reviewing.

pleasant peachthief
7 months ago

So the premise is the dude brings a state of the art server with him after coming to the new world. It has a large amount of Information about practically everything.
He uses this to create poisons and bomb and also analyse the cultivation techniques. His power growth is incredibly slow but he uses bombs and shit to blow up foundation stage cultivators and significantly injure a golden core cultivator. To make a guess the authors probably gonna make the Mac figure out what a spirit root is and somehow change his ig cus otherwise thus gonna take like 2k chapters for him to reach the peak with his avg aptitude. There is already romance with one chick. Decent.
4 star. Might drop cus it’s too slow.