Immortal Mansion Longevity

Immortal Mansion Longevity


Why Immortals?
The so-called cultivation of immortals is the process of going from ordinary to immortal. It is the transformation of the body, the sublimation of the soul, the improvement of the essence of life, and the exploration of the nature of the world and the truth of the rules.
This is an ordinary sect cultivator who, with the help of the mysterious immortal mansion, drifted away in the cruel world of immortal cultivation and asked the story of longevity.

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8 days ago

so anyone take a chance?

Thiago Ferraz Werneck Xavier
7 days ago

É uma boa novel pra quem gosta de ritmo lento, li até o capítulo 60 e é interessante porém eu não gosto de novles onde o protagonista tem um talento “ruim”, tem um dedo de ouro mas esse dedo de ouro não ajuda no talento, pelo menos não até agora

6 days ago

Reading this novel will make you feel old. Its damn slow. By this we can assume that even in 3000+ chapters he cann’t achive immortality. Its a low level world, thats what i think.

6 days ago


6 days ago

Mc alignment: Natural Evil.
He’s not chaotic but tend to do evil to get more benefit if it’s not too risky.

5 days ago

Classic good story (predictable anyway) but its good
Very slow almost 500 chapter for Early stage Golden Core

MC is kinda evil he don’t care about other people and kill all of them if they try to kill him no mercy

Last edited 5 days ago by Cortex
5 days ago

How many times can the author repeat sentences? more than 7 times. for example:

Waning Moon Valley has always been on good terms with Primordial Yang Sect