Immortal Mansion Longevity

Immortal Mansion Longevity


Why Immortals?
The so-called cultivation of immortals is the process of going from ordinary to immortal. It is the transformation of the body, the sublimation of the soul, the improvement of the essence of life, and the exploration of the nature of the world and the truth of the rules.
This is an ordinary sect cultivator who, with the help of the mysterious immortal mansion, drifted away in the cruel world of immortal cultivation and asked the story of longevity.

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7 months ago

so anyone take a chance?

Thiago Ferraz Werneck Xavier
7 months ago

É uma boa novel pra quem gosta de ritmo lento, li até o capítulo 60 e é interessante porém eu não gosto de novles onde o protagonista tem um talento “ruim”, tem um dedo de ouro mas esse dedo de ouro não ajuda no talento, pelo menos não até agora

7 months ago

Reading this novel will make you feel old. Its damn slow. By this we can assume that even in 3000+ chapters he cann’t achive immortality. Its a low level world, thats what i think.

7 months ago


7 months ago

Mc alignment: Natural Evil.
He’s not chaotic but tend to do evil to get more benefit if it’s not too risky.

7 months ago

Classic good story (predictable anyway) but its good
Very slow almost 500 chapter for Early stage Golden Core

MC is kinda evil he don’t care about other people and kill all of them if they try to kill him no mercy

Last edited 7 months ago by Cortex
6 months ago
Reply to  Cortex

So what he should do? Forgive and let them go when theh want to kill him? Is it your first time reading cultivation novel? Listen bro, in these kinds of novels, almost all male characters except mc are dumb beyond belief, if you let them go then no matter how much strength you show them, even if you are at Deity Transformation Stage while they are just mortals, they fukers will still come back to you for revenge with stone in their hands…. This is just how dumb they are, so it’s better to kill them.

4 months ago
Reply to  Kennny

I was talking more about experimenting with ordinary cultivators. they are all random and yet he kills them for his own benefit or to test product that he made

7 months ago

How many times can the author repeat sentences? more than 7 times. for example:

Waning Moon Valley has always been on good terms with Primordial Yang Sect


7 months ago

This is slowest novel I read on mtl I beat even with 2k chapters he won’t reach immortality, most annoying thing is that author repeating things non stop to water the words, the MC is kind if evil I like it but it’s so God damn slow and author repeating words every chapters is just a pure torture

6 months ago
Reply to  kappalord

Just 2k? In one of the first cultivation novels I ever read, “Crazy Leveling System” MC didn’t reach immortality even in 5k chapters.

days of terror
5 months ago

To be honest, this novel is quiet disappointing. 1st we dont even know what kind of cultivation technique mc had and what rank it is, 2nd he never practiced any spell like sword arts or movement art, fist art or elemental spell, except from flying sword as everyone in the novel did. 3rd even he is promoted to inner disciple it didnt help him at all, i dont really see any benefits at all, even he had to put his guard againts his same sect like whats the point of staying right.

We know he can do alchemist but i dont understand how he pass the requirement to be alchemist after all not everyone can be an alchemist but we saw that mc is not talented, only hard work? Hardwork in this world is simply daydream because no matter how hard u try without spiritual root u will never be able to step in cultivation world

Lastly, the fight scene, i dont see any immortal fight at all, mc never use any spell. What all I see is mc is richer than his enemy not him stronger than enemy which is to say if you have better artefacts than mc in the same level then you would probably stronger than mc and the combat power on this world so far is base on the quality and the quantity of your artefacts
As for his cheat, although it only help him grow elixir and spiritual plants but in fcts its heaven defying.

I think there is no hope of romance in this novel.