Immortal, My Aptitude Is Mediocre

Immortal, My Aptitude Is Mediocre


With the two attributes of mediocre qualifications and immortality, Chen Sheng just wanted to shout: Thirty years in the east of Hedong, thirty years in the west of Hexi, don’t bully the old and poor.
When the sect’s genius rose, Chen Sheng was still alive.
When the sect’s genius was promoted to elder, Chen Sheng was still alive.
When the genius of the sect passed away, Chen Sheng was still alive.
If he lives and becomes an old man, he will be able to point fingers at the younger ones and bully the younger ones.
Long years.
Talented people have emerged from generation to generation, and each has led the way for hundreds of years, but Chen Changchang has been immortal in the years, looking down on the ups and downs of the genius, and remaining aloof.

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8 days ago

gonna give a try, after all if the author ONLY follow this description will be a plus for me!

where the “genius” die of old age and the mc is still there, being somehow nobody! because one of the main problems i hate in this new trope is how the author says the mc talent is mediocre plus immortality and yet makes him a genius advancing a reasonable speed like any other! maybe delaying only for some time but in a complete reasonable time anyway!

gonna editt this msg with a proper review, as i’m reading

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8 days ago
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Lulu, the hero, needs 200 chapters to break through the golden core, and this is what I hate

8 days ago
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can not edit the previous post so i will write here! this will be a ranting-review will be based on earlier ~60+- chapters, in other words: i will write about what i think the author did good compared to other novels of the genre(mediocre talent+immortal cheat) and what he did bad!, if you never read any novels of this genre/type this review will probably be useless for you, so is better to skip!

i will read more later but is not for me,

if you have read other novels with this theme you will know more or less how it goes with the mc and how the plot moves around being pushed by coincidences where the mc tries to maintain his lowkey and yet is dragged around by those “coincidences”, that always seems to favor him in unexpected ways with just the right type of resources needed at that time (plot armor), instead of having the mc working toward his “goal” even in a lowkey targeted but “actively” necessary manner!.

Here instead in simple terms the author fixed some of the problemas that existed in those novels with this “mc”!

so you can imagine that he does not follow the standard of other novels,for example: he is not afraid in getting close to others as well! and is not that he is not seeking stability and lowkey cultivation but that in my personal opinion: he is doing it correctly, because the best hiding spot is on plain sight! and following the “common” sense you should have with a little quirk here and there that would make you avoid the most dangerous situation! thus he is not dragged along but flows like water on a river!

in other words: he is aware of his (mediocre) status and yet is not afraid of “playing” within those boundaries , even if someone of higher “status” comes knocking, he just goes with the flow as how it should because as a mediocre cultivator is normal that if someone thrown a bone(a good one) you would bite and keep doing your best to bite: for example the elder who allowed him to join the sect, later on sent his his disciple there to see his progress and give him a gift! and once she saw how “lazy”/”mediocre” he was (pretty standard behavior of all mc’s in this genre) she was pissed! but the mc recognized the situation and made sure to show his vision-value without overestimate himself and explaining things correctly as way to keep the expectation as how it should be, a mediocre cultivator but one that is still striving for his place!

Because this is what you would expect of a outer sect disciple being checked by the outer sect elder! , making a better disguise for himself because only a crazy dude would refuse any and all “bones” thrown at you when there’s 0 risk at all real 0 risk!, when your “identity” is of a super sh*t cultivator without talent!!! and he really play this role well.

this behavior is very differently from all others mc’s in this theme, that tries to be “lowkey” but in reality are just being d*mb with a crazy paranoia, thinking that in a sect with hundreds-thousands of cultivator there’s would to be someone “staring” at your every step, even when you just started as complete super newbie a true nobody!! and those are the “best” ones, since we also have the worse one: where he tries to do that but fail completely by showing his talent even when he was suppose to be mediocre-without talent!

those are the most basic way that most authors writes those mc’s and is just ridiculous, even more because most of the time the author makes sure to writes multiple plots to confirm the mc own “paranoia” that you are in fact being spied/used/ targeted, when this is simple bullsh*t because 99% of them are not written in a “evil sect” theme type of novel thus is just illogical to have all those things happening in a systematic way inside a righteous sect even if is a weak is prey to strong world!! plus they also uses plot armor to make all other characters complete believe in the mc own bullsh*t in overcoming the problem!, like hell: surviving one time is fine, two times, should already be strange but by 3-4-5 time and he is still doing it and “people” still believes can only be said to be plot armor!.

outside of that specific characteristic trait of the mc, pretty much everything else from world building to “plot” itself is just bad! or flavorless

this have a lot of spoiler

the mc was suppose to be mediocre and where this is
half true: the author gave him his own special “side-effect” cheat that makes him being a genius himself in certain sense, outside of his cultivation speed!
a double “side effect”, based on perception and body recovery ability (the body implied to be by product of his immortality, we don’t know for sure yet in those 50-60 chapters)

the world building is the worse in my opinion: for example the first mini arc: the mc and genius friend does a 3 sect extermination because they are attacked and get resources, huge amount of them! is written as “Piles of spirit stones laying around”,there’s no problem with the extermination of a sect.

the problem is that if you can finish up 3 sects, the biggest in a country(region) like that as qi refiner , why would they still be there “waiting” for the mc to show up anyway?? when earlier on we even had been introduced that a corrupt city lord can even “hire” rank qi refiner 3 cultivator can such “low” level control a entire country region, even if a poor one??

you must understand that as written here: the mc got enough resources to push him with his crap talent to HIGH level qi refiner but earlier on we also have been told that because of his crap talent as well: the efficiency of him using pills etc is several times worse than a normal cultivator and most of them is wasted, thus the resources gathered there would be worth DOZEN if not for hundreds of normal cultivators to reach high qi refine! this is simple a huge wealth that is impossible to exist in 3 sects where you can count the number of high lvl qi refiner with your fingers! and by high level qi refiner, is BASE high level=qi refiner 7! and is the sect master! not even qi refiner perfection or something with a older ancestor that reached foundation at some point but a true base qi refiner 7 sect where even elders and most of them is middle level qi refiner rank 4-5-6!

the genius at that time was high lvl qi refiner, with the ability of higher realm challenge and yet he killed HUNDREDS of cultivator from middle stage-higher without stopping one time to catch a breath or take a pill to recovery qi!! whenn we have also been told earlier that this type of novel is not based on “infinite” qi type of thing where a cultivator can go around throwing spells forever, it was clear stated very earlier about the limits and this is even one of the mc own side cheat, that is implied to be given by his immortal body allowing him dozen times the “endurance” of a normal cultivator, making him train faster, better and for a longer duration than any other! and yet the battle lasted hours, a entire day fighting!! without stopping for one sect: killing after killing!

the region they had been visiting, the strongest powers are also qi refiner high lvl thus is not wrong that he can “solo” them, the problem is how can he “solo” all of them without stopping and why and how sects like that is even capable of existing and most important dominate a entire region and even amass such fortune (for qi realm level)?? like: no one ever thought of robbing them earlier?? it had to be the mc?? to go there and finish those “powers” that lasted centuries, when their own “goal” was exactly that: a trip to get resources! and to make it worse: the mc never ever thought in killing them earlier, this was not part of his original plan, he was just going to collect herbs in the wild!, everything just dropped in place like that… (plot armor)….

I won’t go in too much detail in the rest of the review because if i did it will have too much spoilers but this is what you can expect, this lack of logic consistence is present everywhere!

the mc himself outside of his personality is the biggest one, because he is suppose to be mediocre and yet the author makes him his own super genius capable to even modify/rewritten the cultivation technique pretty much since chapter 1, and from that only becomes worse with a new “mini cheat” being put into it one after another , in reality outside of him needing more resources and is slower to cultivate he is a pure super genius! and once you think that there’s that “cliche” that a genius always consume more resources than a normal cultivator, in the end there’s nothing “mediocre” about him!

the entire cultivation system is very vague and unpolished, WITH almost no description or explanation at all, the author also likes to thrown things like: the genius can challenge a higher level since qi refiner 1 and even being able to use life source sword of a previous golden core cultivator, that’s should be high grade magic artifact or spiritual artifact or something, in reality we simple don’t know because again: the entire cultivation level-system is very vague and unpolished! but he can use it since qi refiner 1 without any burden or toll on himself!

the same goes for techniques as well, instead of having a more grounded approach we have things like: this is a special sword technique created by a master: you just need to try to slash at the stars at night and visualize destroying them to train the sword intent!

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8 days ago
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Thank you.

(On a side note, the free immortality genre has destroyed the very purpose of Cultivation these days. If I were to make a choice for mc lile that, I would rather have him locked up on an isolated island until he reaches Nascent Soul…)

7 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

(On a side note, the free immortality genre has destroyed the very purpose of Cultivation these days. If I were to make a choice for mc lile that, I would rather have him locked up on an isolated island until he reaches Nascent Soul…)

For me, i feel that authors have destroyed the genre of “free!” immortality! not that “free” immortality destroyed the very purpose of cultivation!!

after all, most cultivation novels we do not go so far in ” immortality” (like true immortal, living forever) but just a bigger lifespan during the entire “novel”, only a few ones, really few we get pseudo immortality level of characters where they don’t die by age but can die by tribulation or something ( that must happen).

Thus for me “free” immortality genre is something very good and one of my favorite themes if used correctly thus i’m really upset with most recent novels because if a author gonna use this genre, he should make a f*cking use of this free immortality, instead of making him take the usual path, just slower!

make him become a mastermind behind the scenes, building a big hidden power or something from 0,from a baby type situation really , slowly accumulating money-treasures-techniques, because this is the point it is not?? even a beggar, if he can life forever, he will become a rich man in the end with begging!

Or become a hermit, hidden in plain sight “correctly” forever, slowly grinding all obstacles with time!.

this is the entire point of a “free immortality” genre in my personal opinion.. so why rush in giving him resources, even rare resources??most authors already makes the mc get 2-3 foundation pill without even reaching qi refiner perfection and to make it worse: with the suppose-low key, low drive mindset thus can only be explained as plot armor! even more since this goes on with all realms..

we heard for example: that all novels have a “treasure” and “assassin” “faction”, that everyone is afraid and never failed! and that almost no one knows where it pop up! but it just pop up and lived until now!

this is the type of plot that i would like to see the in a free immortality novel.. there’s no need to be treasure house, or assassin faction but the mc slowly using “time” to really grind it out his path not following the usual path , he will fail, he will be “killed”, he will have his organization destroyed but he will always be there waiting to rise again, like a piece of history! since with “time” things like power, cultivation and even resources will slowly favor you until the character itself is that “thousands year old ancestor” that founded the sect, the genius that changed a era, the founder of the dynast that gave relief to the people, the evil monarch who stepped upon society and ruled them with a blood fist.. or anything that we all heard about all the time he is a “piece” of “past” history but also a piece of present, he is still here, slowly stalking the world, like a tumor growing in the world with nothing but TIME!

yet what we got 99% of the times, is the same genius type mc, that was suppose to be mediocre.. but in reality only “advances” a little slower than his peers..

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7 days ago
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Exactly! I’m thinking the same!! With infinite time all problems will be solved

2 days ago
Reply to  m4rcosr3is

Yeah, most of the time it’s mc who is “forced” by the situation to rise (instead of being low key), even though there is nothing really “forced” but him courting death. Somewhere in time, they start raising female monster pets and jade beauties with them, which makes things even worse.

On a side note, if you have nothing good to read, this one is at least better compared to others in mc being low key, mc isn’t immortal but have longer lifespan due to wood type Cultivation technique.

-> Gou Cultivates Immortals In the Chaotic World of Demons and Martial Arts.

There was one more novel with similar settings that i liked but the author in that one seem to have some strong grudge against women.

Most of the women introduced in the novel (who troubles him somehow, ignores him, or marries someone else other than him because he acted like a beggar) that have some contact with mc, suffers disastrous fate which is vexing.

At one point, I was sure author got some sadistic fetishes and wants to make everything mc did right.

It’s same novel were mc acted low key for several decades just to become “treasure refiner” in the city, his techniques gives him long lifespan so he keeps wasting it. Somehow, the world revolves around him, and wherever he goes, trouble follows.

Oh wait, I remembered its name, it’s called -> Longevity Begins With Sect Handyman.

You can try it if you got a strong enough heart, the mc’s personality is good enough, but I don’t like author destroying women badly again and again just because they don’t want mc. (there are countless other women who are living peacefully for year, but once they come into contact with mc… Dang).

6 days ago

well the world of cultivation is endless ,

if you ask me in some novels that i have read, being immortal is just the starting point .

2 days ago

This is the case when mc transcends to higher level world, also called Immortal Fairy world.

World Order: Mortal – > Earth Immortal – > Fairy World.