Immortal Simulation – I Can Solidify Innate Talent

Immortal Simulation – I Can Solidify Innate Talent


One day, Lin Chen, who has traveled through several years, finally ushered in his golden finger…
A cultivator simulator!
[Do you want to enable simulation? 】
Lin Chen: “Yes.”
[On the first day, you died. 】
Lin Chen: “???”
[An hour has passed, do you want to simulate again? 】
Lin Chen: “…Yes.”
[On the first day, you walked out of the Taoist temple, came to the mountain, and secretly observed the Taoist temple under the mountainside…you died. 】
Lin Chen: “…So, is that what it is used for?”
[An hour has passed, do you want to simulate? 】
Lin Chen: “Yes!”
[On the first day, you knew that you would die, so you walked out of the Taoist temple and came to be a guest in a village at the foot of the mountain. Because of the many good deeds you have done before, the villagers were very friendly and invited you to be a guest. 】
[The next day, you still did not dare to go back, so you still stayed in the village as a guest. 】

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13 days ago

Stupid MC already
Chose a talent that make go to dangers everything time.
Forgot that simulation represent his future in some kind of way.
That not really realistic for me even if you give some kind of justification for this broken choice.

13 days ago

Stupid story. Mc die all the time and do the same things all the time . Die do the same thing and die. Then he use his cheat and fast grow up and die again becose he idiot and he pick stupid choices

12 days ago

Interesting at first, but quickly got bored reading a bunch of notifications nonstop. What’s more unbearable is MC keep chose life threatening talent with double edge sword effect, even though those talent rank is quite high. MC should chose more suitable but survival prone talent in the early cultivation. Even if the rank is low it doesn’t matter coz all those talents can be upgraded later. Yet MC foolishly keep chose typical protagonist talent that bring death to those without plot armor.

12 days ago

80 chapters and he still hasn’t left the mountains…it’s only been a couple days within novel. What truly triggered me was that white fox which was mentioned in early chapters took 50-60 chapters to appear…….

12 days ago

This what happened when low-key genera novel meet hotblooded and low IQ MC. Not good.

3 days ago

Bad decision, the seek luck and avoid misfortune is obviously the best. Then him in the simulator can continue seeking fortune and maximize the benefits. Why choose the death seeking behaviour?