I’ve Been At Home For One Hundred Years And I’m Invincible When I Go Out

I’ve Been At Home For One Hundred Years And I’m Invincible When I Go Out


The young master of a powerful family who traveled through the fantasy world was reprimanded for misdeeds because he sneezed during the banquet, and was sent out of his ancestral house to live in a remote courtyard.
Chu Xuan didn’t care at all, as long as there was a place to stay, it was enough. With the system, the more you stay, the stronger the system, you only need to stay in to become stronger.

Chu Xuan said, no one wants me to go out, I just like to stay home!

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13 days ago

Control freak mc .

11 days ago

This novel was fun at first when MC stays home and get rewards and people invade he’s house, but the more u read the more boring it become, author give up on a reason why all enemies of chu clan invade he’s house, they just sent in weaves for MC to kill I lost the count how many people MC killed while staying In the house its just never ending expect new system reward the story repeated.

Forsaken God
10 days ago

Read 5 chapters, after that I can’t bother to read more as mc is low key cultivating to protect his clan, which didn’t give a shit about him…
After 5 chapters I can see the future plot of these kind of novels…
These kind of things ruin the whole mood to read any further…
Mc should leave his clan and better stop acting pussy…

3 days ago

There are only 560 chapters, but each chapter word count is 2 or 3 times standard webnovel, so if you finished reading the whole novel it’s no different from reading around 1,2k-1,5k chapters.

I only persist reading upto around 400 chapters before I’ve had enough and directly read the last few chapters to satiate my curiosity. Overall 3/5 star