Looking Into The Mirror

Looking Into The Mirror


“Blood Transformation” awakens low-level intelligence. 】
[“Blood Transformation” unlocks personality: will drink. 】
[“Dragon-Elephant Prajna Sutra” and “Cause-and-Cause Transformation Technique” share the same interests and unlock the bond: purification. 】
[“Hundred and Eight Troubles Worship” unlocks personality: seek defeat. 】
[“Infinity Seal” unlocks the advanced form: the small black house. 】
[“Delicate Heart” was locked in a small dark room, reflecting on his personality: Yi Dao. 】
I have a mirror.
Left book ‘Psychic’.
The right book ‘Jieyu’.
In the middle is written Tongtian Avenue!

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18 days ago

I have read this till chapter 67 and so far so good.Mc cheat ia a mirror, it can give some techniques and items spirituality and character. I continue to read and update if find anything else

Last edited 18 days ago by freak
17 days ago

Frankly it’s the most weird cheat I ever saw.
The mirror make every technique speak it’s mind after it is reflected by it.
So you get insane combination, sometimes it even making me smile.
He is a monk and he cultivate a wine technique so he is drinking wine mixed with blood and later on it turned into just drinking wine.

He is super lucky but it seems there are forces guiding him to where he is at but they don’t understand how great his cheat is.

So compare to the lousy novels publish recently it deserve 4-5.

Last edited 17 days ago by shinintendo
Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
13 days ago

good read