Max-Level Comprehension – Sixty Years of Sword Watch

Max-Level Comprehension – Sixty Years of Sword Watch


Han Muye, who was full of comprehension, was reborn in the world of cultivation, entered the sect of kendo, and became a sword watcher guarding the sword pavilion.
There are 100,000 swords hidden in the sword pavilion, and the sword watcher needs to wipe the long sword once a month.
Wipe the long sword “Qinghe” to get a wisp of sword energy.
Wipe the long sword “Purple Flame”, comprehend the original sword master’s swordsmanship, Liaoyuan, and obtain the fiery sword intent.
Wipe the spirit sword “mountain”, comprehend the experience of real kendo of the giant stone, and obtain the sword power of the mountains.

Sixty years of watching swords, and sixty years of Han Muye raising swords.
In sixty years,
There were disciples who came to ask for swords and got Han Muye’s advice.
The saintess of the Demon Sect who came to steal the sword finally left sadly.
There was a swordsman who came to challenge and returned with a broken sword.

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8 months ago

Interesting starting but then mc become little strong and his arrogance and show-off made whole novel from good to shit

8 months ago

Looks like it really will take 60yrs of my life to reach completion of this novel. 60chapters and no progress on cultivation. All r just ur routine fillers. I donn’t think a normal human brain is used to make this novel. No plot, fights, etc.. waste

8 months ago
Reply to  anshul123ful1

Welp, thanks for saving my time.